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Coronavirus-myth: protection against infection due to alcohol

Especially in the Internet pandemic to be distributed in connection with the Corona-lots of stupid and dangerous advice. So about activated water or a “virus killer”-pendulum to help against the Coronavirus. Some also report on an infection protection through the alcoholic beverages. But this is a wrong information.

Those who want to protect themselves against infection with the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the pathogen-caused disease COVID-19, it should comply with the clearance and hygiene, and the immune system through a healthy lifestyle strengthen. Alcohol is not to be used, however, to protect against the pathogen. The consumer indicates that Central Schleswig-Holstein in a recent communication.

Myths on the Internet

Researchers from Germany have reported in the past month that alcohols SARS-CoV-2 disable successfully.

In the message, but when it came to alcohol-based hand disinfectants, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Nevertheless, it is read especially on the Internet often is that alcohol is intended to protect against the Virus. Those who fall for such myths in, it can damage his health.

Alcohol sales have increased

According to the Verbraucherzentrale Schleswig-Holstein also include alcohol in addition to toilet paper, pasta and flour drinks of the most sought after Goods in the supermarket.

The alcohol sales in retail trade rose accordingly. This is partly due to the fact that Restaurants and pubs are closed, respectively, were.

In addition, the recommended social Isolation can lead to boredom and loneliness, so they tried to comfort themselves more frequently with alcohol or reward.

However, there are other possible justifications.

Damage to health due to alcohol consumption

Especially in the Internet pandemic, often dangerous advice can be found in connection with the Corona-to. So you should be able to protect themselves by Drinking alcohol or gargle with Cologne water, allegedly against infections.

The world health organization (WHO) warns however, it is clear that alcohol protects consumer before COVID-19. Quite the opposite: the consumption of alcohol brings with it risks, such as greater susceptibility to disease, with.

“Another health drawback that is often neglected: alcohol many calories it contains. Who moves in the corona of a crisis less than usual, but at the same time more alcohol drinks, collects slightly Overweight,“ says nutrition expert Selvihan Koç from the Verbraucherzentrale Schleswig-Holstein.

And Obesity trends according to scientific studies, one of the largest risk factors for severe COVID-19 -.

Defenses strengths

Who wants to keep fit and strengthen the immune system, should pay particular attention to healthy eating and drinking habits.

Important adequate exercise is also continue to be in compliance with the distance regulations.

Further recommendations for an intact immune system: alcohol consumption, if possible, refrain from Smoking completely refrain. (ad)