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Sport strengthens the immune system and could Corona milder disease gradients favor

Even if the number of new infections is no longer increasing with the Coronavirus as fast as a few days ago, is not the risk of the new pathogen that is still far from over. In order to protect themselves from infection, it is important that hygiene rules are complied with and to keep other people distance. Also recommended is a strong immune system, which can protect against infection, but contribute to a milder course of the disease could be.

The number of infections with the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 continues to increase. Drugs or a vaccine against the new virus, there is not yet. However, a strong immune system may help to a serious disease with the Virus to prevent. Because the fitter you are, the immune system is, the more likely it is that we stay healthy. Sports can help, our defenses too strong.

How Sport affects the immune system

Although part of the policies to be taken extensive measures to ensure the disease caused by the novel Coronavirus, curb. But the specialists believe that the risk of infection for a majority of the population remains.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Claus Reinberger, a neurologist and Director of the Sports medicine Institute at the University of Paderborn, explained in a recent message of how Sport affects the immune system and contributes to a possibly milder course of the disease.

Risk of infection is not reduced

“When it comes to infection, it is advantageous to be health-wise and in terms of its own Fitness in the best possible set up,” explains Reinberger, of the deals in his research with clinical academic performance and health diagnostics.

The expert calls for Action: “to strengthen The physical performance and the immune system, is essential – in times of Corona more than ever. Also yet not or little Active, and should not be now exercise, if you suffer from symptoms of a disease.“

As the doctors explained, receives a Sport “not only the Fitness, but helps the body through its effect on the immune system deal with infections better”.

At the same time, the expert makes it clear: “The risk of infection, as such, is not reduced. The Virus affects healthy and less healthy people alike – but the gradients are likely to vary.“

The body can better respond to infections

Of Central importance, according to the reinberger especially the self-regulation of the immune system: “New pathogens provoke immune responses that serve to fight the virus,” said the doctor.

“In the normal case, is ensured by the mechanisms of self-regulation that this reaction sees. She does, however, is overloaded with the complete organism,“ says the scientist.

“Studies have shown that an increase in physical performance, but also the processes of self-regulation are optimized. The result: The body can better respond to infections.“

The body’s own defenses to strengthen

Sport helps to strengthen the body’s own defenses in a sustainable way. Reinberger advises, among other things, to endurance activities such as Jogging: “A moderate intensity is highly recommended. In this case, the immune system is activated, probably for the best. Of extreme stress, I advise, however,“.

Who can’t go outside, wants to, or can, be found on the Internet, also simple Fitness tips for the home.

Positive effects on the circulatory System and various organs, such as, in particular, the lungs are confirmed by Berger, according to the medical research. The expert refers in this connection to the positive effect of Sport on the brain and Psyche.

In addition, the connection between physical Fitness and the course of severe diseases is brought in medicine is increasingly in the focus. (ad)