Virologists: Germany better prepared against Coronavirus as Spain and Italy

The Coronavirus spreads in Germany: 1001 people have already died, 79.450 are infected with Covid-19. Worldwide already more than a Million cases were registered. Meanwhile, the United States recorded more than 234,000 cases, most of the Corona cases worldwide. All the information about the Corona-crisis you will find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

According to a survey, which is the “mirror”, is the German health care system better against Covid-19 equipped than the medical systems in Spain and Italy. Overall, more than 87 percent reported that they kept the health system in Germany is much better equipped. In addition, approximately 72 percent of the respondents take the position in Italy and Spain, the health came in contact with systems already before the outbreak of the Coronavirus to their limits.

In 197 Virological and virologists were questioned about their assessment of the situation in relation to Covid-19 in Germany. The aim of the survey was to gain knowledge about how virologists to assess the risk situation and the measures taken in respect of Covid-19.

Approximately 81 percent of the respondents stated that they considered the Social-Distancing measures, for useful. A total of more than 41 per cent were of the opinion that it was proper to take special protective measures only for groups at risk and at the same time, public and economic life to return. Only 4.1 percent said they held a “herd immunity” makes sense. 10.7 percent are of the view, sharp output block, and a further production reduction to be necessary. In turn, 16.8 percent stated that it was useful, largely protective masks up and back to everyday life to return.

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