These Are Possibly the Only Podcasts You & Your Kids Will Agree On

Once upon a time, parents and kids could just argue about what radio station to tune into in the car. Now, in the age of streaming, there’s no shortage of options to choose from — and fight about. If you’re sick of Baby Shark or Billie Eilish, podcasts can be an alternative that keeps everyone entertained. And, since the age of streaming has also coincided with smart homes and Bluetooth speakers, you can cue up those podcasts to be soundtracks for cooking, chores, and more.

But, just like kid’s music, kid’s podcasts can trend into the gratingly peppy category. And, as much as you want to keep up on your true crime podcasts, unsolved murders aren’t exactly great for all ages. Thankfully, in the golden age of podcasting, there’s plenty to choose from that fall in between “sickly sweet” and “grisly violence.” Here are 14 of our favorites.

And a note on picking out age-appropriate podcasts generally: Podcasts that started out as radio shows typically will follow FCC rules around cursing and “obscene” content. Podcasts that are only distributed online don’t fall under the FCC and its content guidelines. Podcast providers like Apple have parental advisory warnings, but not all podcasts without parental warnings will be appropriate for all ages. In general, if you are unsure about a podcast, it’s best to listen to it on your own. You know your child and family best.


Wow In The World

The first kid’s program from NPR, Wow In The World explores science in a conversational and often funny way. Not only do they explor kid favorites like dinosaurs, black holes, and poop, they also find ways to make big ideas feel relevant to kid’s every day lives. Aimed at kids ages 5-12.  

For Parents Who Love: TED Radio Hour, Radiolab

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The Creeping Hour

A new podcast from WGBH in Boston, The Creeping Hour features a new spine-tingling tale of horror each week. Your hosts are three monsters who started out as normal kids but turned into monsters after reading one too many scary stories of their own. Aimed at kids ages 8-12, some sensitive kids (and adults!) may want to skip this. If you’re raising a kid who has already raided your Goosebumps collection, however, this is a must-listen. 

For Parents Who Love: Spooked, Lore

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Dear Hank & John

If your kid likes YouTube, The Fault in Our Stars, or random trivia, odds are they have already come across Hank and John Green. In Dear Hank & John, the two brothers (and their guests) answer questions ranging from “why do I want to hug dogs so hard” to “Why are we here?” Their answers are sometimes funny, sometimes profound, and always amusing. While it’s made with adults in mind, it has a “clean lyrics” rating in the podcast store and can be enjoyed by older middle school kids as well as high schoolers. 

For Parents Who Love: Judge John Hodgman, Dear Sugars 

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Molly Of Denali

This eight-episode podcast was produced to promote the series of the same name on PBS. The podcast follows Molly, an Alaska Native girl who, over the series, discovers the identity of a mysterious creature who stole her birthday cake. Kids who love adventure will also enjoy a glimpse into what life is like in the Alaska wilderness. This show is best for kids ages five and up. 

For Parents Who Love: Homecoming or other fiction podcasts. While Molly of Denali isn’t likely to capture adults imaginations as much, they will enjoy hearing all the ways the story comes to life with just sound. 

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A nonpartisan daily news show, adults and kids will feel up-to-date on current events after listening to the show. In addition to the top headlines broken down in kid-friendly terms, other news focuses on topics kids will find interesting, like pop culture, pets, weather, and more. With a typical running time of under 10 minutes, it’s perfect for a quick ride to schhool or weekday breakfast. 

For Parents Who Love: All Things Considered, Morning Edition 

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Classics For Kids

Let’s be real: most adults would also love to have classical music broken down for them in a kid-friendly way. And if you are one of the few Americans withh a taste for Schubert and Brahms, you’ll still get to listen to the music as kids are walked through the music of some of the world’s best composers. Each composer gets four episodes dedicated to their music and include more modern composers, like Charles Ives and William Grant Still. 

For Parents Who Love: All Songs Considered, Song Exploder

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Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls

Each episode introduces listeners to a new extrodinary woman likee Billie Jean King, Madam C.J. Walker, and Frida Kahlo. The women selected reflect a wide range of backgrounds, so this isn’t just the same dead white ladies and two women of color paraded out for Black History Month. If that wasn’t enough awesomeness, each story is also ready by inspiring women, like Jessica Valenti, Jackie Cruz, and Our Lady J. Based on a best-selling book of the same title, you don’t have to be a girl to love these immersive, often amusing, glimpses into these women’s lives. 

For Parents Who Love: Stuff You Missed In History Class, Hardcore History

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Story Pirates

Each episode of Story Pirates features stories written by real kids adapted into radio plays by musicans, improvisers, and actors. Occassionally, parents will also be able to catch the voices of actors like Dax Shepherd, Claire Danes, and more. The results are often absurdist and always hilarious. 

For Parents Who Love: Snap Judgement, With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus 

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The Past The Curious

Hosted by museum educator Mick Sullivan, each episode provides a glimpse into little-known stories from history. While this is aimed at kids, adults will also be surprised by tales of Abraham Lincoln’s underwear and long-lost 18th century submarines. Each episode is also scored professionally. 

For Parents Who Love: The Memory Palace, The Bowery Boys

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While this has a parental advisory warning, parents of older teens may find that they and their kids could use some lessons about the ever-elusive act of adulting. Way more fun than a lesson from you on how to do laundry or load a diswasher, hosts Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos talk to their guests about money, work, and whether or not cereal is a salad. 

For Parents Who Love: Death, Sex & Money, Call Your Girlfriend

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This American Life

One of the most popular podcasts and radio shows of all time, This American Life has covered, well, this American life in thousands of different ways around hundreds of different themes. While not every theme or story is appropriate for kids, the show always provides disclaimers for language and content when appropriate. The podcast version is uncensored, so if you want the “beeped” radio version, you can stream through their website. You can start with their list of kid favorites if you are new to the show or just want to introduce your kid to it. 

For Parents Who Love: Serial, The Moth

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Be Calm on Ahway Island

A podcast that can get the whole family to fall asleep, each episode of Be Calm on Ahway Island includes stories and guided meditations. After following the winding down activities, kids will get a calming story to lull them to sleep. Parents may enjoy eavesdropping if they need some winding down as well. 

For Parents Who Love: Sleep With Me, Meditation Oasis

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