Room air must be moved: a virologist Drosten recommends regular Air

Aerosols, small Suspended particles in the air, which can sometimes transmit the Coronavirus. On the basis of the data acquired so far of the impression that this type of Transfer is at least equivalent to the droplet Transfer to be compacted. Virologist Christian Drosten recommends, therefore, to think in everyday life more frequently to the Air.

"Room air must be moved werden", Drosten said in an Interview with the "Deutschlandfunk". Because the Transmission of the Coronavirus via the so-called aerosols, is more difficult than I first thought. The virologist is on the basis of given data, approximately half of all infections happen via those aerosols.

"Great Review of our current Richtlinien"

Of disinfectants in everyday life, so away from all hospitals and emergency departments, it was necessary to move away. You should "rather, perhaps, on the Air to focus, and less on a complete Wipe and Desinfizieren". But it also takes a "great Review of our current Richtlinien", Drosten says.

From the proposal of the "Eigenverantwortung" the Thuringia Minister-President Bodo Ramelow discourages Drosten, however. Rather, important social areas such as schools or day-care centres should also get several new policies. Such facilities offer a "good Sondersituation", because in addition to a steady turnover of personnel, are also the seats of the students known. A possible infection was well understood.

Ramelow had announced that in the future "local Ermächtigungen" and to put the responsibility of the people. It does not make sense that seven days of round-the-clock Crisis teams worked, if there were in half of the counties for three weeks of no new infections, he said. "We want to change the Management." Instead of the crisis staffs, the responsibility should now lie locally with the health authorities. New infection should form a herd, to be locally responsive.

New measures to autumn practice

Developing a teacher or educator in the Coronavirus, they offer through the well-known symptoms of a "Anzeigerfunktion", which simply has to be carefully followed. According to Drosten so, for example, each of the symptomatic teacher needs to be tested for the Virus, any concerned teacher should be able to but also a once per week test. Over the summer holidays, such a policy could be practiced, while science waits for the temperature effect on the Virus until the autumn.

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