Plugged in the trombone choir of The German Corona-Hotspot, barely anybody knows

A previously little-known Corona”Hotspot” On a map with Covid-19-cases of the district of Hohenlohe in Baden-Württemberg stands out in particular. In any other circle in the southwest of Germany, the share of Coronavirus patients in the population is as high as there. This is due to the fact that there are two “Hotspot”communities with many Infected.

In addition, the Hohenlohe district is to the East of Heilbronn, Germany has the lowest population in the southwest. The infected numbers have here, therefore, is more on the rate than elsewhere. 278 Infected and three deaths are reported in the circle. To 100,000 people expected, this corresponds to an Infected rate of 248. Only in North Rhine-Westphalia, Heinsberg it is higher. According to absolute Figures of the circle is located in the southwest on the fourth place.

An infection was, apparently, choirs, a concert with several Trombone on 1. March in a small Church in the village of Kupferzell. There are currently 74 cases. In Pfedelbach, there are 92 Infected. From the municipality of one of the choirs come. In a Video, the head of the district health authority, Antje Haack-Erdmann, described the two locations as “Hotspots”. The number of cases in the other 14 municipalities are far lower, mostly in single digits. The number of new infections no longer increases exponentially, informed the circle.

The circle has a different theory

Be infected also, the “vines glow” (6. to 8. March) been to a Festival with more than 10,000 participants in the town of Bretzfeld. How many people have been infected may not be determined, informed the circle. The district office have advised against municipality and organiser of the implementation.

According to the circular, the number of positively Tested may also be relatively high, because a very has been tested and it is quickly a Central Smear and a Drive-In Station was. Also, you’ve tested other than some of the other circles, only people with symptoms, which increases the number of positive Tests.

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