Fake-News. The WHO warns, WHO refuted: The history of a Whatsapp message

At the weekend, a mysterious spread voice message. Ibuprofen should aggravate the progression of the disease from Covid-19, it said. The message was declared as Fake-News. Now, the WHO warns, however, against taking the drug. The chronology of the discrepancies to the warning.

Saturday, 14.03.20: "I wanted to give you just a brief Information, I would ask you to give you more spread, and more."

Last week, this voice message is spread in the whole of Germany . A woman’s voice said, you have heard of well-Known, that the University hospital of Vienna is getting worse with the influence of Ibuprofen on the course of Covid-19 explore and the painkillers the course of the disease. Within a very short time people passed in pharmacies to get Paracetamol instead of Ibuprofen, long before the employees had any idea what was going on.

Ibuprofen accelerate allegedly replication of the Virus

"A friend of mine at the University hospital in Vienna. Have you ever operated a bit of research, why in Italy so many violent Corona cases sind&quot occurred;, the woman explains in the voice message further. "They have found that the people who have been brought in with severe symptoms in the clinic, more or less all home Ibuprofen had previously taken."

Further investigations have "sound Hinweise" that the taking accelerate of Ibuprofen the replication of the Virus. "Therefore, the University hospital of Vienna, advises unofficially to avoid Ibuprofen, and then rather take Ben-u-ron, so Paracetamol or Aspirin", the woman’s voice.

Several times you spoke of "Hinweisen" there is a connection between the ingestion of Ibuprofen and the propagation of the Coronavirus. In writing will not, however, published nothing, as if it were a large-scale study, the Unknown.

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University hospital of Vienna, warned against Fake News

It didn’t take long, since the University hospital of Vienna, spoke up: "Warning, the currently circulating WhatsApp-Text – and voice messages about the alleged research results of the 'Vienna Uniklinik' to is a connection between Ibuprofen and Covid-19 it’s Fake News, which is not affiliated with the Medical University of Vienna stehen", she wrote on Twitter.

So called the University hospital, while the alleged investigations of the Vienna clinic Fake Newsbut not the possible link between Ibuprofen and the history of Covid-19. This is so far not explored, international experts were in the following days, to – with different views.

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The French, advised in addition to Aspirin and Diclofenac

On Saturday, published, France’s health Minister Olivier Verán, himself a doctor of medicine, a post on Twitter. In it, he pointed out that anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen and cortisone can be a factor for the exacerbation of the infection. How he obtains this Information, however, remains open.

The national health Director Jérôme Salomon said the same and advised of the taking of so-called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs). To this drug group include, in addition to Ibuprofen , also acetylsalicylic acid (ASS, Aspirin) and Diclofenac. He refers to his details on a study in the prestigious science journal "The Lancet" appeared.

Swiss health authorities feared more severe courses of the disease

Sunday, 15.03.20: On Sunday, said the Swiss health authority on its website in individual cases, exacerbations of disease processes at Covid-19 observed to have. Also, if there is as yet no clear evidence, advised the authority to "cautious Haltung" compared with drugs that contain Ibuprofen.

Instead, the Swiss recommended to resort to Paracetamol to. Who is a long-term therapy with Ibuprofen by should this now but does not cancel, but check with his doctor to keep.  

German virologist suspected risk

Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit from the Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for tropical medicine (medical establishment has treated you) also said that he could imagine that, in particular ACE, but also of Ibuprofen in the lung disease Covid-could be 19 helpful. "Ibuprofen inhibits the clotting of blood, that would be a possible Hinweis", the virologist explains. This increases the risk for internal bleeding. "In the case of Paracetamol, this is not the case."

Nevertheless it has to be a connection between taking NSAIDs and severe cases in Covid-19 according to his Knowledge so far, not backed up, said Schmidt-Chanasit. "We know little about the pathogenesis of the Virus Sars-CoV-2. There are to date no clinical data."

The clinic in Vienna denied the new findings

On Sunday the Vienna University hospital responded to the new findings of the French health authority. "Nicht&quot is true anyway;, she wrote on Twitter. There, the hospital is also a report that scientists are denying a negative relationship between drugs and Covid-19.

Michael Freissmuth, Director of the center for physiology and pharmacology at the Meduni Vienna said there: "But there is no scientific evidence that there’s anything there that could be dangerous."

Top virologist Drosten not believed in a connection

Monday, 16.03.20: Germany’s chief virologist Christian Drosten a connection on Monday also from: "This Virus is new, but the other corona viruses, and other common cold viruses, you know. And also, since there is no evidence that Ibuprofen taking something würde&quot worse;, he said in the NDR Podcast for Coronavirus on Monday.

WHO warned of taking

Tuesday, 17.03.20: On Tuesday morning, warned the world health organization, however, before taking Ibuprofen, if you do not the advice of a physician, brought to have. While there are no new studies showing that Ibuprofen was associated with a higher mortality, said WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier.

However, the experts examined the situation at the time. "We recommend that, in case of suspicion, Paracetamol and not Ibuprofen take." This refers only to the taking without medical advice, stressed Lindmeier on Tuesday.

WHO takes back warning

Thursday, 19.03.20: the kick: On Thursday afternoon, took the world health organization’s your warning back.

The WHO experts had to be consulted and the studies and Doctors, and came to the conclusion that there is about the known side effects in certain groups of the population, there is no evidence of a negative Ibuprofen-consequences for Covid-19-patients. "On the Basis of currently available information, the WHO does not advise the taking of Ibuprofen ab".

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