Dynamic personalize care: Implementing an in-clinic mathematical prediction app

The DASPO-group for data analysis and survival for personalized oncology has developed an app that provides dynamic predictions of survival for patients suffering from soft tissue sarcoma. Patients with soft tissue sarcoma often have a poor prognosis even after surgery to remove the primary tumor. Local recurrence (tumor growth at site of surgery) and distant metastasis (tumor growth at a different site) are of great concern and are important indicators for a patient’s future prognosis. The developed app allows for inclusion of updated patient information, such as development of a local recurrence or distant metastasis during follow-up. The app provides updated predictions from different time points during follow-up.

The dynamic PERSARC app

The dynamic PERsonalised SARComa Care app, is available in the Appstore and Google play store. It predicts a patient’s probability of surviving an additional five years from a prediction time point after surgery, based on patient- and disease-specific characteristics. The model includes the occurrence of local recurrence and distant metastasis, which have a significant association to survival. It was developed by Anja Rüten-Budde Ph.D.-student at the Mathematical Institute (MI) and project leaders Marta Fiocco (MI) and Michiel van de Sande (LUMC).

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