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Watch the encore presentation of SK Conversations: Back to School Wellness Tips as our health and wellness experts provide insights and advice on how to embrace a holistic approach to prioritizing the wellbeing of you and your family as we head back to school.

Guided Meditation | Laurasia Mattingly, meditation teacher, author, and speaker shares the power of mindfulness as she guides us through meditation to help the whole family enjoy a moment of zen.

Modern Day Family’s Guide to Holistic Health | Learn the latest best practices when it comes to prioritizing the health and wellness of your family. These health and wellness aficionados (Jennifer Cohen, Dr. Pinkey Patel, and Shana Minei Spence, RDN) share the ways in which you can instill healthy habits into your family’s everyday routine from tips on eating right to keeping your family active and more.

Back to School Basics | Our panel of experts (LA Dunn, Yasmine Cheyenne, cancer propecia and Aris Rossi, founder of Sailing into Second) will discuss how to successfully head into the new school year. From advice on how to make sure your child stays ahead of the curve to advice on finding balance in the busyness of school and extracurriculars to avoid burnout and more.

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