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As a food editor, you would assume I like grocery shopping but in reality, the opposite is true. And it’s not that I don’t enjoy strolling down the aisles looking for new ingredients, I just rarely have the time. I’ll admit, sometimes swapping those more time-consuming meals for my quick and easy go-tos can put me in a bit of a cooking rut but I’ve found a way to keep my meals vibrant and full of new flavors without having to make lots of extra trips to the grocery store for special ingredients: meal delivery kits. Meal subscription services provide the convenience of having the groceries delivered to your door but for me, one of the most exciting aspects of these meal delivery services is that it’s such a fun way to try recipes that otherwise would have never been on my radar. I’ve tried several of these types of subscriptions before with great success but I realized I hadn’t tried one of the most popular meal delivery services, Blue Apron, so I decided to give it a whirl.

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