Tourists get taste of summer vacation

The spread of the Coronavirus holds Germany, Europe and the world continue to breath. Politics, economy, society and research are now required. More than four million people have already been infected with the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2, 171.134 of them in Germany.

TOP NEWS: tourists get taste of summer vacation

In Greece, tourists get a taste of how the summer vacation could look like: Before an expected heat wave in the coming days, the Greek Corona-crisis staff, the Opening of all the 515-organized bathing establishments of the country starting on Saturday allowed. It is, however, strict conditions for the bathers have been adopted. So only 40 people per 1000 square feet is allowed. The distance between the umbrellas must be at least four meters. And under the umbrellas for a maximum of two may be available. The beach bars are allowed to sell only packaged food and alcohol serving as the state television (ERT) reported on Thursday.

So far, the bathing in the sea in Greece due to the Corona was allowed to sections of the epidemic only to non-organized coast. The organized badeküste sections should actually open until June. This led to the fact that the people in the non-organised beaches complied with the distances, as Greek media reported.

The national weather service (EMY) announced that hot air masses from the Sahara reach the southern Balkans in the next few days. The heat peak is to be achieved, therefore, this coming weekend, with temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius in southern Greece.

With the relaxations in France also open some of the beaches again – however, there are strict rules. Sunbathing or picnicking are not allowed in the rule. At the open beaches in the Département of Loire-Atlantique on the Atlantic coast are only allowed to “dynamic activities”, as stated in the regulation, the competent Prefecture. Individual sports, including Running, swimming, or water sports. Each of the “static presence” – lie down so, or to sit down is prohibited. It looks similar to some beaches in Brittany. In addition, alcohol prohibition, and the distance rules must be strictly adhered to. Richard Bouhet/AFP/dpa

France has loosened its strict output constraints for the first time. During this time the beaches were closed in the country. What beaches can now open on the Mediterranean sea, the Atlantic ocean and the North sea, is currently, a decision by regional authorities. The town halls, the Opening of the competent Prefecture for approval.

For some beaches, there was already a green light, in others a permit is still pending. The beaches in the South, near Marseille, for example, are 25 Reports, not before. May open. The prefectures also decide on what rules to keep the people on the beaches. Many of the beaches will be open only during the day.

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