Consumer centre warns of dubious Corona-miracle products

The Coronavirus pandemic keeps Germany and the world in suspense: Around 3.7 million people have, until now, with the novel Virus-causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 infected – 165.992 of them in Germany.

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Consumer centre warns of dubious Corona-miracle products

The consumer advice centre of Hesse has warned of the alleged miracle means in connection with Corona. "Currently, the complaints and Demands pile up to such a Angeboten", informed consumers headquarters in Frankfurt on Thursday. So offer Hessian companies to pay codes on a label, pendant or "activated water in his Urform" to protect against infection. It would add quite dangerous offers, such as, for example, of the tip, arsenic, and chlorine dioxide to protect against infection take.

"In the case of such an alleged miracle means it’s almost always about machen&quot Fund;, a spokeswoman says. "We advise, therefore, to consider such offers is critical."

The consumer complained that in pharmacies part the positive impact of food supplements for the immune system will touted. Will concealed, however, that the recording was only a lack of sense. Food, including a dietary Supplement, could neither virus is a Covid-19-disease, relieve or heal protect.

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