Top virologist Drosten speaks with RKI expert: How do we get out of the Lockdown can come

In first countries, because of the spread of the Coronavirus have prompted Lockdown are driven measures is to slow down. In Germany, too, will be discussed about such a step. Virologist Christian Drosten, and the RKI-expert Dirk Brockmann explain how Contact-Tracing Apps, loosening can.

The Easter holidays are imminent. Church services or celebrate it in Germany. In contrast to other countries in Europe, the Federal government has led to no easing of the Lockdown measures.

A means, this could be for a Lockdown-the end of meaning, is a Contact-Tracing App. How this could contribute to an easing, explain virologist Christian Drosten and Christian Brockmann, Modeler of the Robert Koch-Institute, in the NDR Podcast "The Coronavirus-Update".

Diagnostics-operation via the App

According to Brockmann, it was an App that can capture via Bluetooth, when two people come close. The user should have the possibility to go through in the App is a kind of diagnostic process. For this purpose, the user would enter the symptoms and the App, if applicable, the note get to make a Test.


Also the result of a smear test could be in the App to enter. At the same time all other users who have come to the possible infection time of an infected Person close to could be advised to go into quarantine or testing.

Sick via the Smartphone

Brockmann sees the advantages in the tracking and reconstruction of possible contacts of an infected Person. Drosten, however, feels more one step.

"Then you will not wait even on a laboratory diagnosis, but now you look at everyone who enters symptoms, as positive and I would be a confirmed Laboruntersuchung", he proposes.

Surely a confirmation in retrospect, could be obtained yet, such an approach can be but for the reconstruction of contacts faster than the detour via the health Department.

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Potentially, this collection could also bring opportunities for the loosening of the lock downs with. In situations in which the transmission rate is at a certain location rises again, could you lock flexible a contact – but only for this site, so Drosten.

The total area of Germany governing on and Off of such Lock could be replaced.

Just as it is possible that alerts are sent to Smartphones, such as sick leave with the employer pre-shows can be, and then goes into quarantine.

Brockmann: "Privacy guarantee wir"

A point of hope to a Lockdown at the end of power: for such an App necessary technology, according to Brockmann already. Contact-Tracing Apps are in the development and "would help the Situation extremely."

However, there are still hurdles. So it make a difference whether you are indoors, in the subway or in the Park stop.

"These are all situations that affect physically, these signals and from the signal strength measured by a mobile phone, you have to deduce or calculate whether a contact is there. This is technologically very anspruchsvoll", Brockmann explains.

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Difficult the detection-to-be, when a contact is really as contact considered. "If you just pass each other, that is certainly not so. But if you are sitting in the subway a half an hour, side by side, must, as such, considered werden", the expert explains that Tests to this end are already underway.

Brockmann can reassure those that are worried about the security of your data. Pseudonymization is ensured, the use of an App to be voluntary and it would be stored – unlike, for example, in Südkroea – no mobility or GPS data. All this is "technologically challenging but feasible, data protection, we can guarantee very strong."

First Tests with Fitness trackers

A first Test, the RKI carries out already. Here, owner of Fitness trackers can provide on a voluntary Basis, their data. Through the analysis of resting heart rate and sleep patterns it is possible to identify fever and to have the opportunity to recognize in certain areas of a development or to a geographical clustering, explains Brockmann.

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Of course, each change in rhythm of sleeping or resting heart rate does not indicate a Corona-infection, patterns can be recognized, however. And especially, this project shows that people in Germany are willing to provide the data, because in the first day alone have registered to 160,000 Volunteers.

Drosten: "A must have App her"

On a similar willingness to Drosten and Brockmann hope now for a possible Contact Tracing App. Because such an App is coming, keep both is necessary. "We really need to give everything we can to get this implemented. A must have App and as many people as possible should be convinced, as mitzumachen", calls Drosten, and makes it clear that "This is the kind of case tracking really is the way we must think if we want to get out of this Lockdown out of this."

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