The Fit List: Six products to make you perform your best

Vicki-Marie Cossar has put together a list of six essential products, foods, clothing and more to help you reach the top of your sporting prowess.

These top tips will leave you looking and feeling your best, and that’s before you’ve even begun to compete.

1. Racing ahead

If you’re gearing up for the virtual Virgin London Marathon on October 4, check out New Balance’s snazzy marathon collection and selection of post-race essentials.

From £21. London Edition Essentials Icon Crew, £45, New Balance

2. Wheelie Good

Bike Drop is a new valet-style, secure bicycle-parking company launching with three locations (Oxford Circus, Piccadilly and Regent Street) in London.

Book your day, week or month slot online, show your QR code on arrival, et voila, safe and convenient parking.

From £6.50 for a day pass, Bike Drop

3. Fresh faced

Get on top of moisture loss before harsh central-heating systems strip the skin. Ameliorate’s new face collection contains a unique LaH6 complex with six active moisturising ingredients.

The face cream, serum, mask and cleanser work as a powerhouse to relieve taut skin.

From £20, Look Fantastic

4. Hyper tasty

Imperial College London and the Vodafone Foundation DreamLab have launched a Hyperfoods cookbook. Create tasty meals with health benefits made from ingredients identified in scientific research as having disease-beating properties.

Free to download, Kitchen Theory

5. Snack-tastic

Watch out for two new healthy snack bags from Graze. The Salted Chocolate and Honey Roast Crunch Creations bags are high in fibre and less than 112 calories per portion, making them ideal for mid-afternoon munchies.

Available September 27. £2.99 (100g). Graze

6. Enjoy Ocsober

Thinking of Going Sober this October? The Sobersauce Discovery Box is a selection of eight alcohol-free craft beers to fill your booze void. The beers are low in calories and sugar and taste just as good as your usual beverage.

£9.99, Sobersauce

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