Martha Stewart & 12-Year-Old Granddaughter Jude Hit the Red Carpet in the Most Adorable Twinning Outfits

Martha Stewart may be 81, but the crafter and chef extraordinaire is still turning heads on the red carpet. On Thursday, she had her granddaughter by her side at the opening night of Life of Pi on Broadway, and photographers and fans couldn’t help but stare at the twinning beauties.

Jude, 12 — who is the daughter of Stewart’s only child, Alexis, 57 — looks so much like her grandmother both physically and fashion-wise. The two have the same high and rosy cheekbones, glowing skin (probably thanks to Stewart’s skincare routine that is *chef’s kiss*), dark yet sparkly eyes, and subtle smiles.

The two posed together in dark outfits that had pops of white. The tween wore a sparkly, long sleeve dress with a mock turtleneck and white tights. Meanwhile, Stewart wore black pants, a navy sweater, and a white collared shirt underneath. Both wore black shoes — tall boots for Jude and sneakers for Stewart — with chunky soles.

Jude turned 12 this month — just a few days before her 11-year-old brother Truman — and had a spa-themed sleepover party that Stewart seemingly planned (she at least snagged them some Mario Badescu goodies!) and then showcased on Instagram.

“Five beauties getting even more beautiful!” the proud grandma wrote on Instagram. “Jude turned twelve this week and had a SPARTY! Get it???”

We get it, and we love it!

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