LabGenius & Sanofi partnership yields positive results from AI antibody discovery platform

Today, LabGenius, a pioneer in the use of AI and machine learning for antibody discovery, releases new data from its antibody discovery platform following a multi-year collaboration with Sanofi.

The results confirm that LabGenius’ antibody discovery technology is able to co-optimize the pre-determined properties of a monovalent NANOBODY® protein whilst maintaining favorable production characteristics.

More generally, the partnership demonstrates that Big Pharma are committing to their pledge to put AI at the centre of their drug discovery efforts.

  • About the partnership: In 2021, LabGenius and Sanofi initiated a multi-year collaboration in the area of inflammation that combined LabGenius’ capabilities in machine learning (ML), robotic automation, and synthetic biology with Sanofi’s expertise in the therapeutic development of NANOBODY® heavy chain variable domains.
  • The results: LabGenius confirmed that the 10 most improved NANOBODY® variants demonstrated up to a 7-fold improvement in the desired property of interest, whilst maintaining the potency of the starting molecule.
  • What it means: The results represent a significant milestone for LabGenius, demonstrating the ability of its antibody discovery platform to accelerate the development of molecules with unique and important properties.

LabGenius is presenting the data in a poster at the Single-Domain Antibodies 2023 Meeting in Paris today. You can find the poster here.



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