Killer complication of weight-loss surgery revealed

Lisa Marie Presley’s killer weight-loss surgery complication explained: How life-changing procedure can obstruct the bowel and cause it to rupture

  • Elvis Presley’s daughter was rushed to hospital after going into cardiac arrest
  • The 54-year-old died from a small bowel obstruction due to weight loss surgery

Lisa Marie Presley died from an obstructed bowel caused by previous weight-loss surgery, it was revealed today.

Elvis Presley’s daughter, 54, was rushed to hospital on January 12 after going into cardiac arrest.

An LA County Coroner report has now confirmed the star died from a small bowel obstruction, which was a complication of going under the knife for weight loss surgery years earlier.

Toxicology results also showed the singer-songwriter had ‘therapeutic’ levels of strong pain killer oxycodone in her blood, with a second opioid buprenorphine — used to treat heroin and methadone dependence — also found.

There were also traces of quetiapine, an antipsychotic drug, reports TMZ.

It’s been revealed that Lisa Marie Presley died aged 54 in January from a small bowel obstruction caused by previous weight-loss surgery – with opioids found in her blood at the time of her death (pictured January 10 – two days before her death)

Famous family: Lisa is seen as a baby with father Elvis Presley and mum Priscilla  

Ms Presley’s small bowl obstruction is thought to have trigger a strangulated small bowel, which can measure up to 30-feet.

It is unclear how this complication developed but it usually occurs when part of the intestine becomes trapped, cutting off blood supply.

Gangrene — a serious condition where a loss of blood supply causes body tissue to die — can develop in just six hours.

As a result, the intestinal wall can die, which can lead to a rupture. 

This can see the contents of the bowels leak into the surrounding abdominal cavity, triggering an infection.

Consequentially, this can trigger to sepsis — when the immune system overreacts to an infection and starts to damage the body’s tissues and organs. Sepsis can be fatal and needs to be treated urgently.

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The star underwent plastic surgery two months before the Golden Globes and lost up to 50 pounds as part of a strict regimen, insiders said (pictured at premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road in 2015)

In Ms Presley’s case, the strangulated bowel was caused by adhesions — areas of scar tissue that stick together, which can obstruct the gut. 

The adhesions developed following a gastric bypass years earlier, according to TMZ.

The weight-loss procedure, which costs up to £15,000 in the UK and $25,000 in the US, involves attaching the top part of the stomach to the small intestine, to reduce the number of calories the body absorbs from food and increasing feelings of fullness.

Around 6,600 Brits undergo bariatric surgery on the NHS each year, while 250,000 Americans go under the knife.

While the op can lead to significant weight loss over the course of a few years, it can trigger an array of complications — including the gut becoming blocked.

This can happen as a result scarring and reduced blood flow to the site of the operation, and lead to food getting stuck and the gut becoming kinked or twisted.

Sufferers may find it difficult to swallow, vomit regularly and have tummy pain. 

Treatment may involve using a thin, flexible tube passed down the throat to widen on clear the blockage.

The coroner’s report also confirms Ms Presley underwent plastic surgery two months before her death and was prescribed opioids, with the star having a history of ‘overmedicating’ — forgetting she had taken her medication and then taking them again.

The reports states the star had a ‘history of alcohol and drug abuse.’

She had just attended the 80th Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles with her mother Priscilla two days before her passing.

The mother and daughter duo made a point to be at the awards show to support the acclaimed Elvis (2022) biopic from Baz Luhrmann that starred Austin Butler as the legendary King Of Rock And Roll, Elvis Presley.

Ms Presley was trying to lose weight for the Elvis awards season, with sources claiming that she had been taking weight loss medication. She had lost 50 pounds (23kg) and underwent plastic surgery two months before the Golden Globes.

It is not clear what weight loss drugs Ms Presley was taking, but Wegovy, the newest weight loss medication on the scene, has proved highly popular since it was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.  

Supportive: Both Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley attended the 80th Golden Globes two days before her death, in a show of support for the acclaimed Elvis (2022) biopic and its director and co-writer Baz Luhrmann and star Austin Butler, who played Elvis Presley

Lisa Marie Presley was desperately trying to lose weight for the Elvis awards season and was even taking opioids, family sources have claimed

Family: Lisa is pictured with mom Priscilla and daughter Riley Keough in 2015 

Legacy: The star was just nine years old when her father Elvis died (pictured 1970) 

During her walk along the red carpet of the event, Ms Presley looked frail and fragile, which prompted her to lean on long-time family friend, Jerry Schilling, who’s now 81-years-old. 

While being interviewed by Billy Bush for Extra, she linked arms with Schilling, telling him, ‘I’m gonna grab your arm.’

Ms Presley’s life was tumultuous, with five stints in rehab for cocaine and opioid abuse, four failed marriages — including one to Michael Jackson — as well as losing her son to suicide and a fierce custody battle over her twin girls with an ex-husband she falsely accused of having child pornography.

Sources told TMZ that Ms Presley’s was found unresponsive in her bedroom by her housekeeper and that her ex-husband, Danny Keough, who she has been living with, performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

The source added that ‘someone administered epinephrine’ — more commonly known as adrenaline — at the scene at least once in order to help Ms Presley regain a pulse.

LA County Sheriff’s Department told ‘Deputies from Lost Hills Station responded to an assistance request call from LA County Fire, near the 9500 block of Normandy Drive in Calabasas regarding a female adult, approximately 55, for a medical emergency/female not breathing.

‘The female adult was transported by LA County Fire Department to a local area hospital where they were released to the hospital’s care.’

The Hollywood Reporter reported that the fire department responded and was able to get a pulse on the female before she was transported to West Hills hospital.

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