Kenneth Cole Launches New Mental Health Initiative with Help From Kesha, Whoopi Goldberg & More

The launch comes as many Americans grapple with increased anxieties amid the coronavirus crisis — and often find themselves struggling to answer honestly when asked, “How are you?”

With that in mind, the Coalition is launching the How Are You Really? initiative, which will encourage stars to safely share their truthful answers, as well as concerns and anxieties, with the world on social media.

“This is a critical moment in time. The collective consciousness from the pandemic has created an unprecedented urgency to address the crisis now,” Cole said in a statement. "I am proud to bring together a community of the most impactful Mental Health service providers in the country, leading academics, creative, media, and business leaders with the common goal of changing the Mental Health narrative in a way that will empower rather than diminish those individuals living with Mental Health conditions. We are aligned with the goal of ending the related devastating stigma. I believe that together we can end the stigma, but only together.”

Kendall Jenner appeared alongside Cole on Good Morning America Friday to help kick off the challenge, which will also come with, a digital storytelling platform where individuals can share inspiring stories of their own about how they’ve overcome personal mental health struggles.

The supermodel encouraged her A-list pals to join her on Instagram with videos of their own truthfully answering the question, "How are you really?"

For Kesha, the new initiative is an opportunity to help others realize that talking about mental health battles with others can be beneficial.

"There is no shame in talking about your mental health struggles, so reach out and let people know how you are really feeling," she says. "At least for me, it has been incredibly helpful."

Partner organizations include Child Mind Institute, Crisis Text Line, Mental Health America, The Jed Foundation, The Trevor Project and more.

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