Coronavirus: raids on alleged relief scammers in NRW

Coronavirus pandemic concerns also in Germany medicine, politics, tourism and society: More than four million people have already been infected with the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2, 172.944 of them in Germany.

Coronavirus in Germany. Raids on alleged relief scammers in NRW

On suspicion of fraud in the Corona immediately help investigators have rooms, several apartments and a business on the lower Rhine by addiction. There were seven Accused in age from 22 to 81 years, with shared public Prosecutor’s office in Kleve and the police on Friday.

The action began on Wednesday. In the case of the searched objects, it was seven apartments and three alleged business rooms in Kleve, Germany, Kevelaer, Goch, Rees and Viersen, it said. Will be determined on suspicion of commercial fraud. The searches continued on Friday. So far, money and in one case, also Gold to the value of about 25,000 Euro has been ensured.

The accused is alleged to have with the authorities false information in the case of applications made. "This should so-called Corona-aid in the amount of 9000 or 15,000 euros devious haben", so the investigator. Banks had reported suspicions.

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