Introducing Luminescence 96: A Groundbreaking Advancement in Luminescence-Based Assays

With a vision to reenvision the lab and a passion for simplifying laboratory workflows with highly intuitive and functional designs, Byonoy launches Luminescence 96, further expanding its range of high-quality plate readers. Luminescence 96 sets a new standard for luminometers, enhancing user experience in Luminescence-based assays. It is the first plate reader to implement highly sensitive silicon photomultipliers for unparalleled performance and results.  Additionally, its sleek, space-saving design and incredibly affordable price tag democratize access to Luminescence-based assays, making it a must-have for modern labs everywhere.

Highlighted features:

  • Accessible Cutting-edge Technology: Luminescence 96 is priced affordably to break down barriers to accessing Luminescence-based assays. The bottleneck in adopting this technology has been the prohibitive costs associated with traditional luminometers. Luminescence 96 offers a budget-friendly solution for every lab size, democratizing accessibility to luminescence assays and measurements.
  • Peak Performance: Pioneering the design of 96 silicon photomultipliers as detectors for plate reading, Luminescence 96 offers unparalleled performance and results in Luminescence-based assays. Luminescence 96 boasts a remarkable linear dynamic range of 8 decades, making it suitable for a wide range of luminescence assays and ensuring precision in signal detection. With its ultra-compact design, it brings the reality of effectively banishing background phosphorescence and cross-talk at < 0.7x 10 -6 RLU.
  • Space Saving Design: Besides its remarkable performance capabilities, Luminescence 96 features an ultra-compact design, optimizing laboratory and workstation spaces without compromising performance. Luminescence 96 serves as a personal luminometer for any researcher, eliminating the need for dependence on centralized laboratory equipment and facilitating versatile and efficient use in various research settings.

As we launch Luminescence 96, we mark a significant milestone in reenvisioning laboratory instrumentation. This innovative luminometer signifies our commitment to advancing research and making breakthrough technology accessible to the broader scientific community.”

Dr. Yousef Narziriadeh, CEO and Head, Research, Development, and Production, Byonoy.

Whether applied in cell biology, immunology, drug discovery, or food monitoring, Luminescence 96 caters to the diverse needs of modern laboratories, providing a unique and reliable solution for researchers aiming to achieve outstanding results and discoveries in luminescence assays.

Luminescence 96 is now available to order at Byonoy.



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