INTEGRA Biosciences streamlines serial dilutions

INTEGRA Biosciences’ electronic pipettes, automation platforms, and peristaltic pumps are being used to increase the throughput and reproducibility of serial dilutions. These highly flexible instruments are easily adapted to numerous different applications to simplify a range of liquid handling workflows and enhance lab productivity.

Serial dilutions are widely used across many life science disciplines and performing them correctly underpins the success of later studies. INTEGRA's robust and versatile products have been proven to introduce consistency to liquid handling workflows and minimize human error, boosting the repeatability of serial dilutions and ultimately enhancing result accuracy. They also increase sample throughput for a shorter time to results and greater lab productivity, and reduce the likelihood of RSI, contributing to the wellbeing of laboratory staff. These liquid handling solutions can be used to standardize and streamline pipetting protocols in a variety of applications, including:

  • standard curve preparation to quantify nucleic acid concentration and validate qPCR assays;
  • minimum inhibitory concentration testing in healthcare and drug development; and
  • bacterial enumeration for epidemiological studies.

The VIAFLO lightweight electronic pipette and VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette enable users to predefine the pipetting speed and mixing parameters, and the partial tip loading of the VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 handheld electronic pipettes and the MINI 96 portable electronic pipette allows operators to set predefined pipetting heights and angles. All INTEGRA electronic pipettes also give users the option to perform dynamic volume changes during transfer and mixing. These capabilities eliminate manual influences and guarantee the uniformity of all dilution steps. Highly reproducible, automated pipetting can be achieved with the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot, further speeding up throughput and giving staff more walk-away time.

As well as this, the DOSE IT laboratory peristaltic pump allows fast and accurate dispensing of samples into test tubes, greatly streamlining the pipetting steps of a serial dilution. Its CUSTOMIZE mode enables the easy creation of personalized liquid handling protocols based on configurable parameters such as volume, flow rate and repetitions, guaranteeing reproducible sample transfer.


INTEGRA Biosciences

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