How to live longer: The tasty snack that could help increase your life expectancy

It’s common knowledge that a healthy diet ensures a healthy life. Eating your daily required amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, getting enough exercise and reducing your stress levels will all help towards long life expectancy. A person can also help to boost their lifespan by consuming certain foods – one in particular has been shown in studies to increase life expectancy.


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Good mental and physical wellbeing and the ability to be active and independent are what people hope to achieve when they think of long life expectancy. 

While genetics is pertinent in this quest, lifestyle can also play a major factor in life longevity.

According to a study and numerous researches, including a certain snack in your diet will help you to live longer.

Research has shown that eating nuts can help you to live longer.

In fact, eating a daily handful of any nut leads to a 20 percent reduction in death risk over 30 years. 

A study found that those who consumed a serving of nuts each day showed a 20 percent reduced risk of dying from any cause over three decades, compared to those who didn’t eat the tasty snack.


Dr Charles Fuchs, the study author, said: “We looked at nut consumption in approximately 119,000 Americans over the past 30 years.

“People who were regular nut consumers had a significant reduction in death from all causes.

“This is an observational study, so its not absolute in terms of proof.

“But prior studies suggest health benefits like a lower risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes and lower cholesterol, among other health outcomes.”


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What makes nuts so healthy?

Nuts contain mixtures of fats which contribute towards their benefits.

There include monounsaturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids and saturated fat.

Although saturated fat is generally regarded as a less healthy form of fat, it is balanced out in plant-based foods by the higher levels of healthy fats.

Research has determined that certain fats common in nuts actually reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The US Food and Drug Administration now allows nut producers to claim that diet that includes one ounce of nuts daily can reduce your risk of heart disease.

Eating a handful of nuts can help the body in numerous ways and help one to live longer.

Nuts can improve cholesterol profiles and helps to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and raise HDL (good) cholesterol. 

Nuts have also been shown to reduce blood clotting and relaxes blood vessels due to their rich arginine content which is an amino acid needed to make a molecule called nitric oxide which relaxes constricted blood vessels and eases blood flow. 

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