Get Weird & Connect Deeply During Aquarius Season With Tantric Sex

As the planets move through the year in astrology and the sun occupies the “seasons” of the different signs there’s a different energy associated with the time of year. For Aquarius season, which begins in late January and winds down mid-February, that vibe is one that celebrates the individuality, the passionate hope for the future (after all, the days are getting longer again) and the intellectual power of collaborating and moving forward. After all, air signs are all about talking about lofty ideas and imagining a better, brighter future — even if the follow-through is hit or miss.

But what does this shift in astrological seasons mean for your sex life? Well, that depends a lot on your individual birth chart and a bunch of other factors. Check out your Sun, Moon, Ascending, Venus and Mars and the planet in your fifth house for more details about your personal astrology — or, better yet, have a sit-down with an astrologer to go over your chart one on one! But, if we’re speaking generally about ways to charge up your sex life with the sweet (if weird) power of your friendly neighborhood Aquarius, we recommend you take a step outside realm of “normal” and into something a bit dreamier and a bit more committed to forging attentive connections. That’s right, we’re recommending you try tantric sex.

“The Water Bearer brings their quirky personality into the bedroom, where they’re fans of striking out against anything conventional,” according to Maressa Brown at “Their M.O. in and out of the sheets is to forge platonic bonds above all other types of connections, so feeling a friendly vibe and having an intellectual connection with their lover is a must. And as a fixed sign, it’s possible they’ll lean hard into tried-and-true routines and require a bit of coaxing to change the channel.”


If your knowledge of tantric sex begins and ends with a punchline about marathon sex with Sting, allow us to unpack what it’s really about. Tantra refers to an ancient Hindu practice for a more a worshipful sensual encounter between partners. The word “tantra” itself comes from the Sanskrit word for “weaving energy” — and basically it’s about injecting a more heightened sense of awareness into how you approach sex. So in the spirit of Aquarius — it’s heady and a bit out there, if you haven’t tried something like it before.

So, first off, forget the idea that orgasm is the end all, be all of a sexual encounter (I mean, throw that idea out for all sex for a myriad of reasons — but especially in this case) and focus instead on the moment-to-moment sensations and actions you and partner(s) can do to make each other feel good and more connected. Similar to a yoga or meditative practice, take in your breath and your partner’s breath. Take stock of your bodies and do some exploring. Take turns giving and receiving pleasure — and try to think of this more as reverential, full-bodied focus on those sensations instead of robotic turn-taking.

And then, something that’s truly Big Aquarius Energy: Do some clear communicating about sex (that allows you to forge that sweet, sweet intimacy with your partner while making room to imagine, together, the kind of sex you want to be having). Once you get talking about the things that rev your engines and get you both excited, you can take some steps to figure out which things might be worth a try. If you’ve ever thought about playing with BDSM, role play, toys or something that always felt just slightly beyond your traditional comfort zone, let the rebellious power of Uranus (one of Aquarius’ ruling planets) nudge you off the ledge.

After all, as the AstroTwins over at Astrostyle said as the season kicked off “…it’s beneficial to stay open to radical ideas and cutting-edge collaborations,” during Aquarius season. “What starts as a ‘Wouldn’t it be crazy/sick/ridic if we…X?’ conversation could turn out to be the next holographic eye shadow palette, hoverboard or A.I. Smart Glasses. You never know!”

TL;DR: Don’t be afraid to get a little weird in bed and out — it’s in the air, anyway.

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