Foolproof Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Spa-Like

For many, taking a luxurious bath can help melt the daily stress away — if your bathroom feels cluttered, it may hamper the relaxing atmosphere. Luckily, just a few additions and updates can make any bathroom feel like the peaceful oasis you’ve always wanted.

The first place to start, according to Martha Stewart, is with your storage situation. Nothing kills the tranquil ambiance quite like loads of products and cluttered items all over your counters. If you’re finding that you have a hard time keeping the space clutter-free, find a few storage bins to use in your cabinet space. The outlet suggests envisioning a spa’s storage methods with sleek jars and canisters that match the hardware. See if you can find mason jars or specialty containers that make your space feel luxurious rather than utilitarian. Martha Stewart notes that wicker baskets with hand towels, a sleek tray holding your favorite perfume bottle and other small items can make a big difference.

While you’re adding in elements, take some inspiration from the outdoors. Natural decor such as wooden pieces, paintings or photos of nature scenes and plants can bring a refreshed air into your space — helping you feel soothed rather quickly, according to the mag.

Upgrade your bathroom's scents

When you walk into a spa, you know exactly where you are. The soft aromas of essential oils and glow of the candles are enough to help you breathe a little deeper upon arrival. To help your bathroom feel this way, try to mimic the smell of a spa in your own home. Pick up your favorite non-toxic candles or opt for a reed scent diffuser, Thrillist suggests, to create an inviting atmosphere upon arrival into your washroom.

Next, the sounds of relaxation should permeate the room. Grab a speaker or use your phone to play soothing tones, nature sounds or other types of music to get you out of your head and feeling calmer. After your bath or shower, reaching for a fluffy, luxurious towel will give you the pampered feeling you’re after as well. Check out soft options such as bamboo or eucalyptus towels to see if they vibe with your space.

Martha Stewart also recommends painting or choosing accent hues that help shift you into a zen state. Beige, blues and neutral colors can help create the spa-like room you’re after, while sharp, contrasting colors on a shower curtain or towels may take away from the calming vibe. Stick to neutrals for your relaxation space.

Your at-home spa awaits — just readjust and declutter!

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