Fear of Coronavirus on the rise – and people think it has something to do with Corona beer

The Coronavirus no one can escape. This applies at least for the reporting of lung disease. The hysteria is driving whimsical flowers. Supposedly more and more concerned people are asking whether the Virus has something to do with the same type of beer from Mexico. "A sudden peak in 'Corona Beer Virus'-Searches on Google for the deadly Coronavirus-Ausbruch", the headline about the newspaper "The Independent". "A disturbing number of people believe that the Coronavirus hat&quot something to do with Corona beer;, it was in "Vice".

Corona virus and Corona beer

Also, the page "BingBoing" published a Screenshot of the Google Trends for the unusual search term. The graph shows a nearly zero gradient at the end of the line, which moves suddenly to the top. What is about to happen. Blame the Coronavirus has. Apparently, people were actually concerned that between the Corona beer and the eponymous Virus there may be a connection, speculated about the "Independent". "We can hardly believe that you have to explain it: There is absolutely no connection between Corona beer and this deadly Virus", calmed by the author to the reader. The consumption of the usually with a slice of Lime, enjoyed a cold drink, so in this regard is harmless.

Well, that’s settled. However, the reports about the allegedly confused Google could be also part of the news avalanche of the disease. That there has been a sudden increase in searches, is obvious – after all, who should be in 2019, already interested in the combination "Corona Beer Virus" have? In both Reports, no absolute number of relevant searches is called.

In addition, Google is expected to have the increase of at least promoted. The search engine fails after the input of "Corona Bier" even as the third term "Virus" before and brings so many users at all on the idea of whether there is a connection. Google recorded more rational requests of the disease in the past week of tremendous growth. The worldwide interest in "Coronavirus Symptome" increased in comparison to the previous week to 1050 percent as the group said on Twitter.

Therefore, the Coronavirus has his name

The Coronavirus is named according to the virus family of the Coronaviridae. These pathogens have characteristic Spikes that remind the rays under the microscope in the sun. Therefore the Name comes. The Latin word "Corona" means "Crown, Kranz". The beer brand Corona is wearing a Golden crown in the Emblem.

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In China, 132 people, according to latest reports so far on the consequences of an infection with the Coronavirus had died. In Germany, season to 17 during the current flu. January 2020 for a total of 32 cases of death registered as the Robert-Koch Institute told. In season 2017/18 alone, in this country, around 25,000 people had died of the consequences of the flu. The experts therefore recommend urgently, to get a flu immunization. With any other vaccination in Germany save more lives.