Emergency room: Many patients are not an emergency

Many are familiar with the Situation in emergency departments of hospitals: long hours, overloaded Doctors and stressed nursing staff wait. In the case of four out of ten patients, no immediate Action would be necessary, however, as a Forsa-survey on behalf of the techniker Krankenkasse shows. For such cases, the physician on-call service is the right person to contact.

39 percent of patients visiting an emergency room, are according to the survey, no real emergencies. Who not life-threatening diseases, you can contact at weekends or in the night to the medical on-call service that is available on the number 116 117 around the clock. However, only every Tenth of respondents use this offer. The result: a permanent Overload of the emergency facilities.

New law aims to relieve the burden on emergency departments

The wants to change the Grand coalition, with a planned law to Reform the emergency care. With a new concept, which combines outpatient and inpatient care more closely, to guide the patients better in the future by the emergency supply.

The act provides, inter alia, that in so-called joint emergency the emergency numbers 112 and 116 of the 117 centres to be merged. A Patient logs on there phone, is done by medical professionals with the help of a digital navigation tools, a qualified initial evaluation. The patients will be accordingly guided to the right place.

Another important element of the Reform is the establishment of so-called outpatient emergency centers in the immediate vicinity of suitable hospitals. Also, there is an initial assessment of the patient to the proper medical Treatment forward is.


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