Death figures give a new indication on excess mortality due to Corona

The Coronavirus pandemic, keeps the world in breath: More than 5 million people were infected worldwide with the new Covid-19 – 177.183 of them so far in Germany. All messages to the Corona-crisis in Germany, Europe and the world, you will find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Death numbers in the 17. Calendar week 3 % above the average of previous years

According to the latest figures from the Statistical office of the Stebefallzahlen were in the week of 20. to 26. April three per cent, above those of previous years. According to provisional results are in the 17. Calendar week in Germany, at least 17 974 people have died.

"The current development of Mortality is striking, because the wave of Flu is this year since the middle of March, as a finished. Typically, flu epidemics affect up to mid-April, the mortality. It is, therefore, obvious that the currently observed slight excess mortality in connection with the Corona-pandemic steht", it is spoken in the message of the Federal Statistical office.

In a European comparison, the extent of the so-called excess mortality in Germany is comparatively low. The national Statistical office of Italy (Istat) reported, for example, of a 49% increased mortality number of cases for March 2020, compared to the average of the years 2015 to 2019. For the Metropolitan area of Stockholm, the national Statistical office of Sweden (SCB) reports for the calendar weeks 14 to 16 and even double as high mortality numbers, as in the average of these five earlier years. Also from Belgium, France, great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Spain increased mortality reported case.

However, be demonstrated for Norway and the Czech Republic, no noticeable changes. The details of these States are based on the respective national methods and temporal boundaries of the data. The part you are referring to the reporting date and not the actual date of death. Also, the proportions of missing messages are different.


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