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Coronavirus in tiny droplets in the breath is detectable

A Transmission of the new Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 is carried out by means of droplet infection, especially during coughing and Sneezing. However, there may be, according to a recent opinion by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS), also in normal speech and Breathing bio-aerosols that represent a possible source of infection.

In an official communication to the NAS relate to the question whether the new Coronavirus can be spread by the ejected droplets, when Sneezing and coughing, but through the normal conversations and easy Breathing. The currently available research evidence that SARS-CoV-2 also here, released Bioaerosols is non-transferable, warn the National Academies of Sciences.

What are the transmission routes in question?

How long the new Coronavirus keeps on different surfaces and what are the transmission routes in question, had examined a around two weeks ago in the magazine “The New England Journal of Medicine” published the study in detail and, for example, found that the corona survival of viruses on plastic and steel surfaces longer.

Coronavirus survived for hours in aerosols

The study results also showed that SARS can survive for CoV-2 in so-called aerosols for hours and therefore, the Transferability of the normal Speaking and Breathing threatens. For this, the Expert have the related of experts of the NAS now, officially, position, and expressly noted that “the presence of viral RNA in air droplets and aerosols on the possibility of viral Transmission via these routes indicates.”

Respiratory protection masks can help

Although the currently available SARS-CoV 2 stay-specific research is limited, but the results of the previous studies speak for an Aerosol of the Virus from the normal breathing, the communication of the NAS. Citing other study results, the professional society, stresses that this also speak for medical, breathing protection masks, when worn by the Infected, reduce the risk of Transmission significantly. (fp)