Coronavirus treatment: Doctor reveals three things that helped her beat the deadly virus

Coronavirus has led to the public distancing themselves from others and self-isolating – extreme measures to try to hinder the contagious infection. But what happens if you catch it? How can you make a speedy recovery?

A senior GP Dr Clare Gerada revealed three things that helped her to recover from the deadly virus.

Speaking to MailOnline, she spoke about her experience with COVID-19. She said: “It was painful and frightening.”

She continued that she wasn’t fearful “because I thought I would die, but because being unwell is just that, frightening”.


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Previously the head of the Royal College of GPs, Dr Gerada revealed she had caught the bug after attending a work conference in New York.

The 60-year-old suffered from a dry cough, fatigue, a sore throat, shivers and a fever.

At the first sign of infection, she “emailed 111” from her south London home.

“I knew it was the coronavirus, as I am never normally ill and the flu season was all but over — plus I’d had my jab,” she revealed.

“When I didn’t hear back, I went to a testing pod at a local hospital,” she added.

Testing positive for COVID-19, Dr Gerada followed the government’s advice to self isolate.

While at home, she “had God’s penicillin, chicken soup, which seemed to have a miraculous effect of bringing back [her] appetite”.

The doctor revealed she recovered from the virus by taking “two paracetamols, three times a day, and [sipping on] lemonade”.

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Combining chicken soup, paracetamol and drinking lemonade helped this doctor recover from the virus currently taking over the world.

However, Dr Gerada admitted she had “no underlying health conditions”.

There are 71 unfortunate souls who have passed away in the UK because of the infection with COVID-19.

All confirmed deaths are believed to have suffered from underlying health conditions.


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The government will update the public later as to the latest number of confirmed deaths.

Current NHS guidelines recommend people to stay at home for seven days if they’re presenting symptoms.

Anybody who is sharing a home with somebody who is presenting symptoms is advised to stay at home for two weeks.

Day one of 14 begins the moment the first person in the home is presenting symptoms.

There are certain requirements for people presenting symptoms who share their home with others.

Specifically, if you share a home with someone who is over the age of 70, is pregnant, has underlying health conditions or a weakened immune system, it’s best for them to stay somewhere else for 14 days.

Although the majority of cases are mild, there are three situations where it’s advisable to call NHS 111.

These include not feeling as though you can cope with your symptoms at home, if the condition gets worse or if your symptoms do not get better after seven days.

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