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Case study: the lower the Vitamin D level, the higher the COVID-19-the risk of death

A case study of Indonesian researchers at the clinics RSUD Kabupaten Sukamara, Kec ends. Sukamara, Kabupaten Sukamara, as well as Kalimantan Tengah, analysed the data, and gradients of a total of 780 COVID-19-Patients had to be treated due to a severe disease process in a clinic. In addition to other factors, they analyzed the Vitamin D levels of hospitalized patients. It turned out that a low level of Vitamin D was associated with a higher risk of death in the course of a SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Researchers are focusing worldwide on existing therapeutics

Around the world, scientists looking for scientists looking for effective methods of treatment, the pandemic of the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 to contain the disease COVID-19 causes. So far, no effective vaccine could be found. Everywhere in the world, is looking for drugs that could reduce the progression of the disease. The research is focused mainly on already existing drugs.

The case study looked at 780 COVID-19-clinic patients

Doctors in Indonesia are examined in their case study, the question of whether a low Vitamin D level could be associated with increased mortality. They examined the patient data of 780 COVID-19 Patients who were treated in four hospitals.

In the study, the researchers covered different aspects such as age, gender, pre-existing conditions, Vitamin D Status and the course of disease of hospitalized COVID-19 patients. “The goal was to determine patterns of Mortality and related factors,” write the researchers. The Vitamin D Status of the patients was, however, in the foreground.

The lower the Vitamin D level, the higher the risk of death

The researchers were able to observe after the evaluation of the data, especially male victims, were suffering from pre-existing conditions and older age, and showed in General an increased risk of death. About half (49,7%) of the cases showed a normal Vitamin D Status, and only 4 percent of these patients died. A little more than a quarter (27%) had insufficient Vitamin D levels, and the majority of them (88%) died. Just under a quarter (23%) had a medical Vitamin D deficiency, and almost all (99%) died. As a benchmark for a “normal” Vitamin levels the researchers called a value of about 30 ng/ml.

Further studies are necessary

“With increasing age, pre-existing conditions and male gender, the risk of death is strongly associated with low Vitamin D levels,” conclude the researchers. Further studies are however necessary to investigate whether Vitamin D supplementation in COVID-19 reduces the risk of death actually. In addition, the underlying mechanisms need to be examined carefully.

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