Corona: Sick leave by telephone possible

Actually, it should not be more since Monday, when a slight cold, a Sick note from the doctor, symptoms get by the phone call. After massive criticism of this decision of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) has responded quickly and the special regime or to the 4. May be extended.

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The special scheme set up by the G-BA is due to the Coronavirus epidemic was until the 19th century. April 2020, and on Friday has been extended on a temporary basis. This had led to a lot of criticism: in view of the still acute existing risk of Infection with Covid-19, it was much too early, to overturn this regulation, the Tenor of politics and science.

The G-BA rowed quickly back, and has today an extension of the scheme up to 4. May decided. It applies retroactively from 20. April. However, the appropriate certificate of incapacity for Work is to apply only for the period of one week and not, as previously, for 14 days. In the case of ongoing illness, this can be extended once. In good time before the expiry of the period of time at the 4. May want to choose the G-BA is again a further extension of the special scheme.


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