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Virtual reality in times of isolation

In the time of Isolation to protect against the new Coronavirus of their social contacts and dealing with other people, many people. This can have a negative impact on our mental health. Virtual reality, however, could help the negative effects of prevent.

In a current study of the Virtual Reality Medical Institute in Brussels was thinking about this as we can before the psychological effects of the continuing Isolation ends effectively protect. The results were published in the English journal “cyber psychology, Behavior, and Social Networking”.

Virtual reality for the protection of the Psyche?

The article discusses the psychological stresses caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, and makes suggestions, such as, for example, virtual reality, the psychological effects of social Isolation can be alleviated. The post also contains a Link to a free 3-dimensional 360°-Video and suggestions to its use.

Crisis leads to three main problems

The Coronavirus is forcing the people to cope with the three different psychological problems at the same time: The caused by the disease Stress, the Absence of Visit to various places and the General crisis of the sense of Community. To develop the worry of COVID-19, calls forth Fears in us and the necessity of the quarantine, with the result that we lose our sense of places, and the community gradually, report the researchers.

Virtual reality technology today is relatively inexpensive

Virtual reality is able to simulate the experienced reality. Initially, this technology was still very expensive, but the costs have fallen considerably in recent years. Now there is even free access to so-called 360-degree immersion videos, which a Person give you the feeling that you are actually in a virtual space.

Virtual reality can help in difficult times

“As our society continues to face difficult times, it is essential to deal with the spiritual well-being. It is encouraging to see how the practical use of advanced technologies such as virtual reality has a positive effect,“ says Dr. Brenda K. Wiederhold from the Virtual Reality Medical Institute in Brussels, in the article.

Virtual reality can bring people together

Although, earlier, virtual reality has been partially characterized as insulating, it is now clear that the shared virtual spaces can be used as a means to enable individuals and families to bring together. This is in times of isolation to protect against the Coronavirus particularly important. Further research is now appropriate to identify additional opportunities, which can enrich our common human experience, adds Dr. Wiederhold. (as)