Heart Anatomy May Put Blacks at Higher Stroke Risk

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 25, 2020 — Black Americans face a heightened risk of stroke, and a new study suggests that abnormalities in the heart’s upper chambers play a role. Experts said the findings, published Nov. 25 in the journal Neurology, point to an under-recognized factor in Black Americans’ stroke risk. It has long been known that in the United States, Black […]

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COVID-19 antibody surveys underestimate infections: study

COVID-19 prevalence surveys that detect levels of antibodies to determine whether people were infected in the past might be unreliable given how quickly these infection-fighting proteins fade, a US government study said Wednesday. Whether the decline in antibodies increases the risk of reinfection remains uncertain. It is thought likely that if re-exposed to the virus, most people’s immune systems will […]

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How to have an effective workout when you’re hungover, and signs you should just stay in bed, according to a personal trainer

Overindulging in alcohol can derail your fitness goals by making you less likely to work out the next day, particularly if you've got a nasty hangover.  If you're feeling nauseous or dizzy, it's best to just sleep it off and hit the gym another time.  Exercising with a hangover is possible, if you ease up on the intensity, according to […]

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