Strong family ties during teen years can help ward off depression in later life

Depression is a leading cause of disability and disease for people around the world. It often begins during adolescence, especially for females, may continue or recur in adulthood and tends to become a lifetime chronic health condition. More than 300 million people suffer from this mental health disorder worldwide. Depression is not only about feeling blue. It can also harm […]

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Healthy eating and fish oil capsules for depression

The results of a new study found that a Mediterranean diet is improving along with fish oil capsules mental health, relieves depression, and increases the quality of life. The social interactions that the participants in the study had during their cooking course, increased probably this positive effect. Nutritional counseling every two weeks resulted in a cooking class and two Times […]

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Violence linked to social isolation, hypervigilance and chronic health problems

Exposure to violence can negatively impact a person’s physical and psychosocial health, according to two new studies co-authored by University of Chicago Medicine social epidemiologist Elizabeth L. Tung, MD. The studies were based on in-person surveys of more than 500 adults living in Chicago neighborhoods with high rates of violent crime, and in predominantly racial and ethnic minority groups. The […]

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