Anastasia Bezrukova Is Launching a Beauty Brand That's "Only the Essentials"

"What was your big break?" It's a question people often ask of celebrities, but at Allure, the beauty professionals and brand founders are the celebrities. In My Beauty Break, we'll dig into the behind-the-scenes details — the money, the aha! moments, and the mistakes — of the biggest brands in the industry. The following interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Anastasia Bezrukova has been hustling nonstop since her family immigrated to Canada from Kazakhstan when she was little. She saw the sacrifices they made to provide her with better opportunities, and she wanted to honor that by always striving for success.

She rose to the top of her class, got into a top University, and quickly climbed the ranks in the beauty industry. But all of that hard work came with a price — she struggled with burnout and anxiety, which she self-treated with shopping. The more she accomplished, the more she accumulated. This faux fix ended up surrounding her with mountains of overwhelm and chaos…not to mention debt.

After hitting a painful low, she was introduced to the KonMari method and her world opened up in a totally new way. She was able to think clearly and truly appreciate the items and experiences that meant the most to her. Plus, her anxiety was nearly gone. 

This led to her becoming a certified KonMari consultant, and eventually, founding Minori — a newly launched beauty brand of, as she puts it, only essentials — to share her passion for minimalism and use it to lift up others.

Here, Bezrukova tells Allure about the road that led her to become an entrepreneur, the hurdles she faced, and why she wants to help the world embrace mindful consumption, one lip gloss at a time.

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