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Tim Visser is one of the most famous Dutch rugby players, but let's not forget that he is also a man with a personal life. It is well documented that any man's daily life is demanding. Professional life, diovan from india daily duties, hobbies, and personal time, all have to fit in 24 hours.

But how easy is it for a man to take care of all that stuff and himself too? Tim shares with us how he manages his own schedule and gives us some tips about how we can become a better version of ourselves.

  • Tim, what are the habits that make you more confident and able to cope with such a busy and demanding daily life?

"Daily life certainly has many obligations. The secret to how to cope with it all, for me, is not to lose your confidence and to always try to be the "better me", as I like to call it.

"Especially this time, I spend most of my day solving problems at our current property development projects. But I don't forget to have a good breakfast and go to the gym before I get back to emails. During the day, I take a moment to relax by cooking, watching a good movie, or grooming.”

  • How much time do you spend every day on self-care?

“Not that much, although I would like more if I had the luxury of time. I tend to be quite busy, so I jump in a bath or under the shower and then quickly pour some wax into my hair. I only trim my beard once a week or so and I never forget my deodorant and Chanel Blue perfume. Lately, I have adopted some new hair grooming habits, which I always do, no matter how much of a rush. For example, how to properly care for my hair, as the experts at Seneca Hair Restoration have advised me.”

  • What are your self-care and grooming habits?

“I use a good face wash in the bath or under the shower and I never leave the house unless I have groomed my hair. After my hair transplant , I use Seneca's range of products consisting of shampoo, lotion, and vitamins that further strengthen my hair. It is very important for me that these products contain natural ingredients and they are paraben free.”

  • "How important has this process been for you?"

“I’m naturally a very confident person, so I don’t tend to rely on outside factors for that, but knowing that you look good and smell nice is always a good thing.”

  • Why is it important for you to feel "A better me", a better version of yourself? How did you decide to go for a hair transplant?

“I think it’s always important to represent the best version of yourself. You never know who you’re going to walk into, and you don’t want to do yourself a disservice. I was researching the possibility of a hair transplant and the best thing I did, was to contact Seneca Hair Restoration. I chose Seneca because they are incredibly professional and easy to trust from the start and throughout the process.”

  • What would you suggest to every man that wants to feel the same way?

“I think most importantly men need to do what makes them feel comfortable. Women have looked after themselves much better for years, and I think the stigma surrounding men doing the same thing is disappearing quickly. If it feels right, do it.”

Senenca says that Direct FUE is a minimally invasive technique that takes place without any graft processing, without making any reception holes prior to the grafts’ placement. Instead surgeons implant hair follicles directly into the skin using a special implanter device to control the direction depth and angle of placement 100%. Seneca states that 99% of patients do not face any side effects. In a few rare cases, a headache, swelling, itching or tenderness might occur in the implanted area. If so, surgeons say that the symptoms are light and subside within the next few days.

Hair transplant surgery is not a solution to personal problems and is not to be performed on anyone under 18 years old. Always seek independent medical advice and give the procedure careful consideration before going ahead. Further advice is available on the NHS website.

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