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I’m a foot doctor and you have been cutting your toenails all wrong

  • A common way of toenail cutting could lead to painful consequences 
  • A podiatrist has shared how to keep your toenails healthy and cut them properly 

A podiatrist has issued a warning against a common method of toenail cutting which could lead to painful consequences.

The professional, based in Singapore, shared the advice on his TikTok account @paulthepodiatrist to over 15,000 followers.

The caption read: ‘If you are cutting your toenails the wrong way then stop doing it today. 

‘If it hasn’t already it will lead to an ingrown toenail and they can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars!

‘Save yourself time, v b12 folic acid money and pain by cutting your toenails correctly.’

Paul went into specifics on how not to cut your toenails and then demonstrated how the personal grooming task should properly be done.  

Sharing a picture of a toenail with a rounded shape that had cut the toenail around the edges, he said: ‘Please, please do not cut your toenails like this.

‘It’s only going to lead to more problems.’

He then showed the correct technique that will lead to healthy toenails. 

Paul then showed the correct technique and told his followers to use clippers instead of a nail fire or scissors. 

He next advised: ‘Nip your nail in small clips straight across the nail.

‘And then file the corner just like this,’ he said while he showed  how to take away the sharp edges by filing in a downwards motion. 

He concluded: ‘There we go, it’s as easy as that.’ 

The video has since gained over 300,000 views and hundreds of saves and shares from people interested in changing their toenail cutting habits. 

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Many people have listened to the trusted advice, one user shared in the comments: ‘Yup, agree, 100% You’ll end up with in growing nails. NOT PLEASANT ONE BIT.’

Another user said: ‘Can confirm!’

Another agreed: ‘I do the same with my nails and toenails – very comfortable.’  

Some users are reluctant to try the method, claiming the first way has not caused them any problems. 

One person commented: ‘Ewww no thanks. I’m cutting them nice.’

Another claimed: ‘I’ve done mine round all my life and never had issues so why change now?’

The British podiatrist based at Myfootdr shares tips and tricks to keep your feet healthy. 

One of his more recent videos advising followers on what shoes not to buy gained nearly 200,000 views.

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