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The days between Christmas and new year are often a blur, with much of them spent slumped on the sofa or out for the occasional cold walk.

You might find this week makes existing pains and aches worse, simply because we’re paying less attention to looking after our bodies – the festive period is often considered a ‘write off’.

So if your shoulders are feeling more hunched and tight, while your joints are sore, there are things you can do to help ease the pain.

It all comes down to posture.

Julie Jennings, independent occupational therapist for comfort furniture brand HSL, says: ‘During the winter months our postures can generally become worse.

‘This may be due to the colder weather and shorter days, meaning many of us will spend more time indoors, amoxicillin dosage children weight ml sat down and getting cosy.

‘The drop in temperature may also have an impact on our posture as the body’s natural response is to curl up when cold to conserve heat.’

Below are the common causes of complaint that Julie sees – and what to do about them.

Back, shoulder and neck pains

Julie says back, shoulder and knee pains can ease with time, but to speed up the process it’s important to keep moving.

‘Remaining stationary for long periods of time may make aches and pains worse,’ she says.

‘Practising good “seated posture” is key. When sitting down, avoid slouching and ensure that you sit in an upwards position, with shoulders relaxed, and feet flat on the ground.’

When absorbed in a film you’re going to forget how you’re sitting, so regularly check in with your body and adjust where needed.

Hip pain

‘If you’re spending a lot of time sitting in the same position, hunched over or with your legs crossed – which you may well be doing watching your festive favourites and eating through the tins of chocolates – this adds increased pressure on the hips,’ Julie says.

Make sure you keep adjusting the way you’re sitting and have regular breaks where you stand and move.

Low impact activities like yoga and swimming can help ease stiffness while building muscle strength.

Knee pain

Your muscles and tendons may begin to stiffen up if you’re standing and sitting poorly, eventually causing aches and pains.

‘This time of the year can be dark and gloomy, but it’s important to keep moving,’ Julie says.

‘If you’re experiencing knee pains, consider doing some gentle stretches at home to your favourite Christmas tunes – this will loosen up the muscles while also improving flexibility and range of motion.’

Foot and ankle pain

‘Your feet and ankles are one of the most hard-working regions in the body and if you’re experiencing aches and pains, poor posture may be to blame,’ Julie says.

‘If your posture is bad, the bones and ligaments in your feet and ankles will struggle to support the weight of the body and can result in circulation issues and swelling of the ankles.’

When walking, you should ensure that your pelvis is in a neutral position, focus on keeping your spine elongated and your core engaged.

This will mean your ankles and feet are landing better.

Wrist and hand pain

This can happen when you slouch, as it may cause you to roll your shoulders forward, setting off a chain reaction that shortens your neck and shoulder muscles, eventually placing strain on the wrists and hands.

Julie says: ‘To alleviate aches and pains in your hands and wrists, try to keep your shoulders relaxed when standing, walking and sitting.

‘Avoid any repetitive, straining movements and also consider modifying your positioning habits, such as avoiding reaching for a keyboard with one hand.’

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