Vinny Guadagnino Reflects on His Weight Loss Journey with Dramatic Before-and-After Photo

Vinny Guadagnino is a changed man thanks to the keto diet.

On Tuesday, the Jersey Shore Family Vacation star, 32, gave fans a look at his dramatic weight loss journey, sharing a before-and-after photo of himself on his “Keto Guide” Instagram account.

Reflecting on his body transformation, Guadagnino wrote, “A lot of people didn’t know that I struggled with my weight my whole life. I was the king of yo-yo dieting. I was my biggest during the years I was off TV so a lot of people didn’t realize.”

“My genetics make me gain weight easily especially to high sugar/carb food. That being said I believe calories also matter,” he continued. “If you eat a surplus of calories a week you will gain weight and if you eat less calories than you burn you will usually lose weight (unless you’re in too much of a deficit and your body goes into starvation). So if you figure out how many calories you need to eat a day and be in a deficit, you will lose weight.”

Guadagnino went on to share how he maintains his weight, telling fans that he sticks to a low-carb, moderate-protein and high-fat food plan.

“I do this for a few reasons,” he wrote, explaining to fans that he doesn’t like consuming sugar. “I don’t react well to sugar. It bloats me, makes me feel groggy and lethargic, and i feel that it makes me fat easily.”

The Staten Island native also shared that he’s “an Italian foodie” who needs fat “to create delicious meals while still eating clean.” By also allowing protein in his diet, Guadagnino said he’s been able to “have more sustainable energy over long periods of time.”

“I don’t feel groggy and I have more mental clarity. I don’t walk around starving because the food is sustainable. I enjoy fasting so i need food that will fill me up during my fasts. I find that higher carb diets make me feel hungry during my fasting hours,” he wrote, adding that he believes eating meat and greens “emulate how our hunter and gather ancestors ate, therefore how our bodies were evolved to eat.”

Lastly, Guadagnino said that he sticks to his specific eating regimen because he feels “healthier than ever.”

“Everything just seems to regulate itself out when i cut processed sugars and grains and eat quality meats, fats, and greens for the most part ( with treat meals in between of course),” he wrote. “this isn’t easy to do in the modern sugar world but possible.”

According to Guadagnino, who authored the The Keto Guido Cookbook in 2019, he’s lost 50 pounds since embracing the diet.

“I’ve discovered the fountain of youth . You ready for it?….Stop eating sugars and grains and instead 98% of the time eat real food like whole eggs, bacon, butter, fatty steaks, fatty fish and plants and exercise a few times a week. When I ate sugars and grains I was 50lbs heavier and looked 10 years older,” he wrote in a 2018 Instagram post.

“I look around and feel sad and angry for the majority of the population who are overweight and obese that have been taught to eat grains, use ‘healthy’ margarines and oils, drink diet soda with artificial sweeteners, and stay away from saturated fats,” he said at the time.

While preparing for his third Chippendales residency, Guadagnino told PEOPLE Now in February that he adheres to a more intense keto diet — with no “cheat” days — when getting ready to strip on stage.

“That time, I’m never eating a carb, never eating … any sugar,” he said. “It’s just literally very strict.”

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