"View from the C-Seat" – Recap on AI and Clinical Decision Support

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Healthcare institutions can anticipate reaping clinical, operational and financial benefits from enabling their clinicians with AI-powered decision support solutions to make informed decisions along patients’ disease pathways. To get there, alignment and teamwork between information technology, clinicians and service lines is essential. During this informative presentation, University of Missouri Health’s CIO and Associate CMO share perspectives from their “C” seats on the challenges clinical decision support solutions can address, the coordination needed to implement these AI-powered solutions into clinical practice, and how partnering with industry can lead to the development of best-practices for other institutions to follow.

  • Describe how AI-powered clinical decision support solutions can address the challenges decision making along complex disease pathways and drive improvements in quality of care and patient outcomes.
  • Discuss ways that key stakeholders within a healthcare institution can align to work through the implementation of clinical decision support solutions into routine practice.
  • Share perspective on how healthcare institutions and industry can partner on the development of interoperability best practices to enable clinical decision support at the point of care

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