Morning energy booster: Begin your day with this super healthy shot

As we move to a time where immunity is our best friend against diseases, energy-boosting shots should almost become a daily ritual, says Gurpreet Singh, managing director at Jivo Wellness

The body, after waking up in the morning, is usually dehydrated and needs water (room temperature or warm). But you can also opt for a healthy concoction which is packed with nutrients and also makes the body feel energised. One such healthy option is a wheatgrass shot which is prepared with freshly sprouted leaves of the wheat plant (Triticum aestivum). “It helps to detoxify the liver, improve immune function, is a rich source of chlorophyll, essential vitamins, and micronutrients,” says Gurpreet Singh, managing director at Jivo Wellness.

Below are some other health benefits of wheatgrass shot

Loaded with antioxidants

Wheatgrass shot is one of the most excellent drinks loaded with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammation, and anti-infection properties to boost health. The antioxidants act against the free radicals in the body that damage cells, accelerate ageing, etc, and aid cell regeneration. Wheatgrass shot taken in the morning can boost the anti-inflammatory activities in the body reducing chronic inflammation linked to diseases like tumour, cancer, diabetes, etc. Moreover, it helps fight against antibiotic-resistant infections without the harmful effects of antibiotics.

Immunity booster

Strengthening the core of the body, wheatgrass shot is one of the most effective immunity boosters. Being rich in protein, antioxidants, essential amino acids, and fibre, it is undoubtedly beneficial in many of the immunity-related health concerns like arthritis, digestive system, skin and hair issues, and ongoing viral infections.

Body functioning and health

Rich in chlorophyll (the best source of hemoglobin), 17 types of amino acids, dense micronutrients, phytochemicals, and Vitamins A, C, E, K, and B6 – wheatgrass shot is a wonder drink that acts as a good protein source, helps in blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure management while boosting energy in the body. 250ml of Wheatgrass drink has nutrients equal to 2.5 kgs of green vegetables. A shot of wheatgrass shot daily can help in nutrition, health, fitness, and wellness management.

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A healthy digestive system

Wheatgrass shot isn’t all juice! Being made out of wheatgrass plucked during the pre-maturation stage, it is rich in high-density micronutrients and fibre that proves to be useful for the digestive system and reducing the risk of GI-tract illness/injuries. Wheatgrass is gluten-free, soy-free, and a plant-based drink that makes it a complete choice to heal the digestive system and save from potential diseases.

Energy-boosting shots can enrich the body with essential nutrients and get you going all-day long, says Singh. As we move to a time where immunity is our best friend against diseases, energy-boosting shots should almost become a daily ritual!

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