Martha Stewart's Innovative Fruit Chips Are the Healthy Snack We Need This Year

Having a sweet tooth is the worst…especially when your 2021 New Year’s resolution involves eating healthier. It’s daunting to cut out sweets all at once, especially when they’re all you can think about eating. Having a go-to recipe that can help curb your craving is really important when transitioning into a new, healthy lifestyle. And if you’re looking for a guilt-free, sweet tooth-approved snack, then you have got to try Martha Stewart’s latest creation: Citrus Chips.

Stewart shared the innovative recipe with her Instagram followers last night, writing, “Snack healthier with a batch of citrus chips! Whenever you’re craving something sweet, try these bright little bites. Baked low and slow, these citrus crisps taste like sunshine.” Not only do they taste like sunshine, but they look like sunshine. Seriously, how colorful and fun do these look?

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This is definitely not a quick snack to eat when you are in a pinch…these fruit chips take four to six hours to bake in the oven. But go ahead and bake a big batch in advance — it’s totally okay because they can be kept for up to one month as long as they are stored in an airtight container at room temperature.

In fact, waiting for them to be ready might just be the toughest part of this recipe. There is no added sugar to these chips, just naturally sweet citrus cut into thin slices, deseeded, and baked in the oven. Which also means it is totally beginner baker-approved. So pick an afternoon, bake your heart away, and you will have a healthy snack to turn to when all you want is a big bowl of gummy bears.

Check out Martha Stewart’s Citrus Chip Recipe.

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