How Cobra Kai<\/em>‘s Xolo Maridue\u00f1a Stays Fighting Fit

While Netflix’s breakout hit Cobra Kai is centered on old-school Karate Kid antagonist Johnny Lawrence (as played by William Zabka), the show would be nothing without its cast of young characters carrying the martial arts torch in the 21st century. Foremost of those is Miguel Diaz, played by actor Xolo Maridueña, who fills the role of the promising young student in a position similar to that of the original film’s protagonist. He’s the outcast who finds his way through karate and the tutelage of an older master—albeit one who guzzles Coors Banquet Beer as much as he drops knowledge about fighting and life.

Maridueña is a TV vet, having played Victor Graham on Parenthood before donning the Cobra Kai gi. The 19-year-old Angelino invited the MH crew into his training space with his trainer, Philip Moreno, to show off the workout and training routine that he uses to stay in shape for Cobra Kai‘s intense martial arts sequences.

The workout is mostly focused on lower body work and exercises that will help Maridueña convincingly portray a karate competitor—so this isn’t a routine to try if you’re just aiming to build up your mirror muscles. If you’re looking to build up athleticism (or supplement your own martial arts training), give the routine a try.

Xolo Maridueña’s Cobra Kai Workout

3 sets of 15 reps

3 sets of 15 reps

3 sets of 15 reps

4 rounds of 30 seconds

4 sets of 15 seconds


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