Herd immunity create: Munich’s top doctor calls for controlled infection

Professor Hans Theiss is rag cardiologist in Munich Klinikum großhadern and CSU politicians. On his Social Media Accounts to the doctor, updates regularly about his experiences and dealing with Covid-19. In a new post, he called for the “controlled infection” of the company with the Coronavirus.

According to Theiss, nobody knows exactly, “what time is it a reliable Covid-19-vaccination for the General population will be”. We would have to adjust to the fact that this may take until next year, the 42-Year-old. “This does not mean that we will probably fail, a constant infection of the people step-by-step allow. The expression ‘controlled infection’ I find terrible, but he meets it, unfortunately.” Thus, a so-called “herd immunity should be generated”.


According to Theiss, the clinics were well equipped, better now. “Currently, enough capacity is available.” The cardiologist after the initial restrictions were “essential to the pace of new infections are on the increase curve out, and the clinics to Corona to better prepare”. It would, for example, “new intensive courses created, breathing machines purchased, clinic structures reorganized and masks, etc. procured” it.

In addition, it is irritating to the husband of female boxer Christine Theiss, “if a public discussion about an exit strategy is declared to be blasphemy”. For the politician and the doctor is clear: “This debate belongs in the parliaments and in the Public – the only way we will be able to the incredible Motivation and unity of the people over the next few months!”

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