Fruity Pebbles Coffee Creamer Is Finally in Stores and People Are Calling It the Best Coffee Creamer Ever

Back in early November, we starting marking our calendars for January 2021 and all of the new food product launches that would come with the new year. One of the most anticipated items was the Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles coffee creamers by International Delight, and we can finally celebrate because both flavors are being spotted in stores.

You might sometimes look at new coffee flavors and wonder if they’re truly worth the hype rather than going for something basic like vanilla or caramel, and according to reviewers so far the Fruity Pebbles creamer is totally going to rock your world. @CandyHunting posted a lengthy review on their Instagram page and called the Fruity Pebbles flavor a “star” and said it doesn’t get overpowered by the strong taste of coffee.

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“The creamer on its own is the exact flavor of Fruity Pebbles cereal. It’s phenomenal. Furthermore, the flavor still shines through in coffee! Many coffee creamers have their flavor drowned out by that of coffee, but not this one! Even with a small amount of creamer, the Fruity Pebbles flavor is noticeable,” @CandyHunting wrote.

As for the Cocoa Pebbles edition of the creamer, @DadBodSnacks said the flavor is spot-on to the cereal itself: “I’m not surprised that this tastes exactly like the cereal and whole milk put in a blender. It’s rich, thick, chocolatey and heavy with sugary cereal goodness.” What more could you ask for in your morning brew?? I have a feeling your coffee routine will never be the same again. Just a hunch.

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