For Trump Corona belongs to the past

The Covid-19-pandemic keeps the world in breath. More than 8.5 million people have been infected so far worldwide, with the novel Coronavirus, 188.716 in Germany – where it always comes back to local outbreaks.

For Trump Corona belongs to the past

Despite a worrying increase in the Corona-infections in a number of U.S. States, and President Donald Trump sees the country on a good path. "It was an interesting time, it was terrible, so many lives are lost, we will forget these incredible people never. But you will not sein&quot died in vain;, Trump said in a Video he released on Friday on Twitter. The United States would now be stronger than ever before. Trump also praised the, in his view, great recent data from the labour market.

The Corona-pandemic took in the United States in almost half of the States is a worrying development. In many regions the Numbers of daily new infections last reached maximum values, including the population States of Texas or Florida. In total, there are in the country, more than 2.2 million proven diseases and 119 000 deaths – more than in any other country.

The unemployment rate in may was, according to numerous layoffs in the past few months, at 13.3 percent – together with the value from April to the worst level in the past decades. Until February, the US had been-the economy at a record rate.

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