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COVID-19: obesity increases the risk for heavy gradients, and hospital stays

A study by scientists at “NYU Langone Medical Center” in New York investigated the case of data delivered to the COVID-19-patients and in -patients. The evaluation shows that obesity (obesity) can be difficult gradients responsible. The case study is consistent with the results of a small evaluation of researchers in Germany. The reasons for the increased risk of severe gradients in obesity are still unknown.

The novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 leads mainly in elderly patients and in individuals with pre-existing conditions such as cardiovascular disease and Diabetes, to severe cases. A new US study could make a more at-risk group identified. Especially Obesity should contribute to a severe course in the case of COVID-19.

Study with data from 4100 hospitalized Patients

In the course of the study, the data of around 4100 Covid have been-19-Concerned between the 1. March and 1. April 2020 evaluated. This showed that about 40 percent of inpatients treated patients and patients suffering from obesity.

Among the Patients who were treated at one of the four clinics and 260 out-patient centers of the NYU Langone Medical Center, were 1.101 obese. In the USA, the proportion of the severely Obese is very high. About a third of the U.S. population has a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 30 kg/m2. The Concerned are considered to be obese. The researchers pointed out that the proportion of obese Patients in the case study, however, was less than the national average. This could be related to the fact that “more of the higher income groups, were treated in the hospitals of NYU Langone Medical Center” and in better-off groups in society, the obesity percentage in the USA is generally lower, the researchers say.

More men with severe cases

“The hospital patients were more likely to be male (62,6% compared to 39.0%) and had significantly more illnesses than non-hospitalized patients, in particular in relation to cardiovascular diseases (44.6 percent vs. 16.4 percent), Diabetes (31,8% vs. 5.4%) and obesity (39,8% vs. 14,5%),” writes the research team in its study.

A good 50 percent of the obese Patients had to be intubated due to her difficult history, so be artificially ventilated. The Affected were increasingly older cohort (an average of 62 versus 41 years), more likely male (62,6 versus 39,0 %), they were heaped to chronic pre-existing conditions (71,9 versus 29.9 %) and were more frequently Obese (39,8 vs. 14.4 %) patients with COVID-19, did not need to be in a clinic taken.

Obesity involves the greatest risk for severe COVID-19 gradients

Amazingly, the main statement of the study. So, the scientists write scientists: “The chronic disease is the most with a severe Covid infection, is obesity – in a substantially higher risk ratio than any cardiovascular or lung disease”.

Similar observations also in Germany

There have been similar findings in a German study by Doctors at the University hospital of RWTH Aachen University. Fell ill, had to be a acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) developed, and artificial respiration, were in 83 percent of the cases, overweight or obese. The researchers studied a total of 50 Covid-19-Concerned with severe cases from the district of Heinsberg.

To the newspaper “The world”, said Dr. med. Karsten Schmidt, specialist in anaesthesiology and senior consultant at the anaesthesiological eat ICU at the University hospital, the study results are consistent with his observations. “The majority of patients, the gradients with heavy Covid-come join us on the intensive care unit, are actually overweight to obese. The of normal weight are in the minority,“ said the doctor.

Don’t jump to conclusions

The doctor warned, however, to draw incorrect conclusions from the study. Not all people who suffer from Obesity, are also risk patients. Because in the US, obesity has become a national disease. So also the authors of the study write: “Unfortunately, it shows that obesity must be considered in people under 60 years of age as a new epidemiological risk factor that may contribute to pay the increased disease in the USA”.

Cause still unclear

Why it comes in obese patients increase the incidence of severe cases in COVID-19, is still unclear. The study authors suggest that the inflammatory reactions that are associated with obesity, could also play a role. Further clinical studies are for this purpose necessary.

Calculate BMI

The BMI can be calculated by dividing the body weight in kilograms by the height in meters squared. The Federal centre for health provides on its web site a simple BMI calculator available.