Alicia Keys Provides a Hilariously Relatable Glimpse of Life With Her Kids

Alicia Keys had a busy summer. She performed at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee and released Keys II, the deluxe edition of her 2021 album Keys. But when she isn’t showing off her impressive vocal range, she’s enjoying life at home with her kids Egypt, 11, and Genesis, 7, whom she shares with husband Kasseem “Swizz Beatz” Daoud Dean. She recently shared a glimpse of her family life on Instagram, and it is so relatable.

“PSA to all parents 🗣,” she captioned the video posted yesterday. “These kids definitely run our lives 🤣🤣🤣🤣.”

In the video, Genesis walks in the kitchen and asks his mama if  he can sleep in her bed. Then the screen cuts to Egypt, who is lying on the floor in the kitchen and says, “Can I sleep in your bed, Mommy?”

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The “Show Me Love” singer then walks in and says, “No!” This prompts Genesis to run after her and say, “I want to, though!”

The disrespect! Actually, her kids are super adorable, and so far, the video is so relatable. My kids always ask to sleep in my bed, but due to boundaries (read: not wanting elbows and feet jabbing me all night) I always say no too.

Next, Keys’ video switches to the classic SpongeBob SquarePants voice and screen that says, “Eleven minutes later…”

Now we see Keys cuddling in her bed with her two boys fast asleep next to her. The resemblance to my own life is uncanny. How is a mom to resist when her little ones are actually asking for sweet cuddles? We know it goes by fast; they know we will cave. The asking at this point is basically a formality. My husband has a heart of steel, though, and always ends up carrying the boys back to their bed. It seems Keys’ husband is similar, as he commented on the post, “SMH😂😂😂😂.”

Keys’ brother Cole Cook  commented, “Lol we know who runs the house 😂❤️.”

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Many moms could relate to this video, including model Diandra Forrest, who wrote, “Current situation 😂.”

“ 😂😂😂😂literally my situation with one kid.!!” another person wrote.

Someone else wrote, “😂😂😂😂😂 We give in every time!”

“❤️ they grow up so fast! Remember those days!” another person commented. “That will end . Treasure those moments now.”

It seems like she is treasuring it! The 15-time Grammy winner often posts about her kids, and she is currently bringing her youngest (who she lovingly  calls “Gen Gen”) on tour with her. Keys seems like such a relatable, fun mom!

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