A virologist get Drosten pent-up Anger about politics: I Find outrageous

In the Corona-crisis, scientists are in demand as advisors for the policy. High pressure on the expert virologist Christian Drosten, however, sees a dangerous one, especially in terms of Fake News. Also, the use of his Name by politicians in the media angered him.

For weeks, scientists will accompany us with their Expertise by means of the Corona-crisis. Also, the Federal government relies on the advice of experts in the fight against the Virus. Virologist Christian Drosten of the Berliner Charité is one of the best-known – also across country borders.

However, Drosten holds a high political pressure on him and his colleagues for a risk, due to the incorrect information about the Virus-Happen in the circulation can get. Also the way how politicians mention in Germany, his name, is displeasing to him. In the NDR Podcast "The Coronavirus-Update" Drosten lets his Anger out.

Australia-study as a trigger for the Trouble

This is due to a study from Australia with 15 schools. As a result, out came according to Drosten, that there are only nine students and nine teachers had been infected.

The Problem of the study: It is only a pre-evaluation. The evaluation is not finished yet at all, not even half of the Tests are worked through. Nevertheless, a report on the pre-evaluation appeared in the "New York Times", also the canadian government have included in their plans for school opening, says Drosten.

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For him, the policy has been particularly to blame: "This is an example of how the science at the Moment under political pressure steht", the virologist says.

Publications on political pressure "gefährlich"

Although he could understand the need for the policy to take further decisions, but not at any price.

"Many politicians can exert quite nice pressure and say, I don’t want to have this responsibility on my shoulders, I would like to see the responsibility in a scientific manuscript, since a number can take out and say: 'It’s in black and white because geschrieben'".


As he says this pressure is illustrated in Drosten in an example: "Then we come in these, I think, somewhat dangerous area, that then – let’s say – is said of a Director of the Institute: 'You’re the boss of the Whole. We now need to Pay your employees.'"

Drosten: "And then the Director goes to his staff and says: 'Our tables are only half full, but the Minister wants us to publish what. Now we take the half of the tables and write at the same time zusammen'".

"And a failure of information in the Welt"

Increases the risk in addition to the fact that, according to Drosten and sometimes the scientists themselves, but employees from the press, the findings in a more "plastic, for the Public gedachten" Narrative and elaborate. "And a failure of information in the world."

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Such had happened, according to Drosten, the Australia-study probably. In other countries, it should have already been similar cases.

Nevertheless, Drosten, scientists continue to be in a support role for politicians in their decision-making. Therefore, it is with the representation of his colleagues, by politicians in the media also do not agree with. "At the Moment it is in the wrong Richtung", he finds.

"Perfect misleading the Öffentlichkeit"

Also, the media’s use of his Name to him: "The science is polarized in the media too much. Not only me as a Person. Meanwhile, politicians use my name in talk shows, which I think is outrageous and a perfect misleading the Public and also the political Meinungsbildung", angry Drosten.

"Here only not the content of the discussion will be distracted by the content on a Person, you can attach all kinds of properties. This is really slow gefährlich", the virologist says, and gives the angle from which politicians, the role of the scientist is actually: &quot should consider;We must ask instead: How can help us in the current Phase, the science again?"

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