A personal trainer created a home obstacle course for his 3-year-old daughter to keep her active during the coronavirus pandemic

  • A father from Chicago created an indoor obstacle course for his daughter to complete during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Personal trainer Brian McCabe has been posting workouts online for adults, but he's also encouraging parents to keep their children active.
  • A video posted on Facebook shows McCabe's three-year-old daughter Ayaana crawling under an easel,  jumping through a ladder drawn on the floor, kicking a ball, and climbing over the sofa as part of the course.
  • Other parents shared clips of their own obstacle courses in the comments.
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If you thought keeping yourself active and busy while staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic was hard enough, spare a thought for the parents who have the added challenge of occupying their children.

With many parks and playgrounds closed, and excursions limited in many countries, parents are getting creative to find ways for their children to burn off some of those seemingly endless energy supplies.

One such parent is Brian McCabe, who created an indoor obstacle course for his three-year-old daughter Ayaana.

The Chicago-based personal trainer posted a video on Facebook of his creation, encouraging other parents to do the same.

Dressed in a tutu, little Ayaana can be seen completing the course with impressive speed and skill.

She crawls under an easel, spins over a stool, moves precious rolls of toilet paper from one side of the corridor to the other, bounces on a bumblebee space hopper, jumps through a ladder on the floor, kicks a ball, crawls over the sofa, bounces on a mini trampoline, and completes the course by jumping into a bean bag.

Just watching the workout is enough to bring most people out in a sweat, but Ayaana makes it look easy.

Other parents have posted videos of their own versions in the comments, showing children crawling through tunnels, whizzing down slides, and climbing in and out of tents.

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