9 Hair Trends You Will Be Seeing Everywhere This Year

Rose-Coloured Hair

Rose hair is the perfect way to express emotions and give a fun pop of colour to lift spirits, no matter your age or gender!

The Pixie Cut

Women are empowering themselves by getting the short pixie haircut and allowing their inner spirit to shine through. It’s like putting your personality centre-stage.

Curtains Bangs

A versatile way of framing the face and giving your hair a burst of youth. People are giving it a pop of colour by adding a touch of colour at the ends. It’s an amazing look for all hair types and head shapes.

The Wet Look

I love an easy-to-create hairstyle that’s gives an edgy underground vibe with hair. It looks best when the hair is moist, not wet.


Personalise hair by playing up accessories to create fashion-forward looks. A great way to make a statement no matter what season it is. Accessories can be used in all sorts of way on the hair and head to create a truly unique look.


We’re going to be seeing all types of bobs – everything from the 30’s short bobs to the 70’s long bobs, and of course we can’t forget the classical French rounded bob. This cut keeps hair looked sleek and with so many lengths to choose from, it’s perfect for anyone.

Layered Mullets

We’re going to be seeing David Bowie-styled cuts, inspired by London in the 70’s. Miley Cyrus is one of the pop artist that brings it out to the real world with lots of fun and attitude.

Two-Tone Hair 

A touch of 90’s glam with chunky pieces of hair framing the face to accentuate contrast. People love creating lighter tones and adding pastel colours to it.

Texture Hair

Here is where we are going to let curls run free, with products that boost shine, manageability, and of course, texture!

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